TokyoTreat – February 2022

Valentine’s Day is rather a big deal in Japan, so TokyoTreat has given a box of goodies that fit perfectly with the theme of all things romantic with this month’s Sweet n’ Snacky Valentine’s box. Strawberry and chocolate are the two big flavours for this holiday, so I’m expecting to see them both in style!

The menu booklet has recently had a revamp, and this month’s is a great example! You’ve got descriptions of all the treats inside (including an allergy guide) plus lots of extras too, including lots of fun info about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan.

Mashro, Taro-Beans, and Maroyaka Strawberry Milk

Mashro are cute little marshmallow sticks, rather like flumps. Taro-Beans are a savoury snack of delicious little crunchy crackers, and the packaging shows Mono-Taro, a figure from Japanese folklore who was born from a peach@

The Strawberry milk is really delicious. It’s essentially a strawberry milkshake, and contains real strawberry juice too. You can drink it as is, or go super indulgent and add ice cream and strawberries to make an amazing thick milkshake!


 Nostalgic Milk Senbei, Umai Choco Bites, and Sweet Choco Croissant.

Senbei are rice crackers, and this version, which is large and thin, have a creamy milky flavour. Apparently they have childhood snack memories for many people in Japan.

Umiabo are crunchy puffed corn sticks, and the Umai Choco Bites are made by the same company. They are puffed corn slices which are soaked in chocolate, which give them an amazing texture, dense but still crispy, and seriously heavy on the chocolate. There are even a few which are heart-shaped!

A chocolate croissant is always a lovely breakfast treat, and this one can be heated to melt the chocolate inside, or the individual packaging means you can take it with you as a snack anywhere.

KitKat Strawberry Milk, Nissin Donbei Yuzu Scented Somen, Mike Popcorn Shrimp Salt.

Japanese KitKats are the best in the world, so many wonderful varieties! This month’s fits perfectly with the pink/chocolate.romance theme. The floral packaging is lovely (there are four different designs) and the KitKats themselves are coated in strawberry chocolate and filled with a strawberry and condensed milk cream. Really delicious.

Ramen cups are rather a new addition to TokyoTreat, and this month’s flavour is uniquely Japanese. Somen are thin noodles, and they go beautifully with the soup which has umami dash flavours with a citrus kick from the yuzu.

As well as KitKats, you can can get many flavours of popcorn in Japan, and this fluffy version is flavoured with delicious salty shrimp, and actually contains real shrimp, so you know the flavour is genuine.

DondonYaki Kimchi Flavour, Yamato Turtle Crackers

These little crunchy crackers are flavoured with kimchi, which give them a nice spicy buzz, and are an excellent contrasts to this month’s sweet treats.

Turtle crackers are so called because they resemble the patterns on a turtle shell. Another savoury snack, they are flavoured with soy sauce which give just a hint of sweetness with the salt.

Strawberry Soft Serve marshmallow, Hi-Chew Premium Amaou Strawberry, Sherbet Pero Cola Flavour

The marshmallow is masquerading as an ice cream in a little wafer cone, and in the middle is strawberry jelly for extra flavour.

Hi-Chew are the most famous chewy sweets in Japan, and they create an extra-special premium version alongside the usual square chews that come in long packets. These are made with Amaou strawberries, grown in Fukuoka, and have a slightly crisp outer with a delicious intensely strawberry chewy filling.

Sherbet dips are always fun, and this package contains cola sherbet with a lolly for dipping.

Strawberry Cream & Biscuit Snack Pack, Fue Ramune Candy Strawberry, Mini Strawberry Milk Choco Balls

Another fun dipper, this time a strawberry cream with biscuit sticks.

The ramune candy is also known as whistle candy, because you can actually whistle though the hole in the candy! It’s strawberry ramune flavoured, ramune being Japanese soda pop, and these’s even a little surprise toy included in the box.

The little strawberry chocolate balls have a sweet strawberry flavoured crisp coating on the outside and creamy chocolate inside. There’s also a fortune-telling picture on the back of the packet, so get your translate app out!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

Well, strawberry and chocolate have certainly been a great feature of this month's box, not to mention the traditional romantic colour of pink! It's always tough to choose a favourite other than the KitKats, because they're always so delicious, but other than those I think the strawberry milk really stands out for me. But close behind are the choco bites and Hi-Chew. This is such a fun selection, from child-friendly items to slightly more sophisticated flavours like the chocolate bites and shrimp popcorn. This is such a fun way to enjoy both Japanese snacks and learn about the culture!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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