TokyoTreat : February 2018 For Your Sweetheart

TokyoTreat is a monthly box of Japanese candies and snacks from Tokyo. It is part of the TokyoTreat subscription box group which also includes YumeTwins and nomakenolife.


Premium $35 (£24.70) per month: 5 popular Japanese  snacks, 4 share packs, 3 dagashi, 1 anime snack, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack, 1 Japanese drink.

Classic $25 (£17.64) per month: 4 popular Japanese snacks, 4 share packs, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack.

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I’m really happy that TokyoTreat has brought back their menu booklet!

Full contents list, plus fun trivia and information.

This month’s drink is Strawberry Shortcake Pepsi. It was actually released before Christmas, which is why it’s called Christmas Cola, but the strawberry soda flavour definitely works for the romantic theme!

Ultimate Muscle Chocolate Wafer is the anime snack, and is a crunchy chocolate cookie wafer.

Cola Sour Long Gum is one of this month’s dagashi, and is a sour take on a normally sweet flavour.

These sweet Strawberry Barley Puffs are light and delicious little puffs covered with strawberry chocolate. A perfect little nibble!

This party pack of Maroyaka Milk Chocolate Strawberry is a bag full of individually wrapped pieces of layers chocolate and strawberry. Chocolate and strawberry is a classic flavour combination, and these are delicious!

This is a Shrimp Mayonnaine Umaibo. Umaibo are delicious crunchy corn tubes, though this is one I can’t eat. I’m sure it’s delicious though!

This strawberry and vanilla Ice Cream Lolly is sweet and creamy. It’s also a great colour combination for Valentine’s Day!

This month’s DIY candy kit is called Pretty Cure DIY Shake Milkshake. The instructions are in the menu booklet but it’s pretty simple, you add the ingredients and water in the included reuseable cup, shake, and drink!

Rose x Berry Glamatic Tablets are an unusual take on a breath freshener. They are rose and berry flavoured, and are designed to make your breath smell sweet.

These Koikeya Sour Plum Chips are very unusual. Sour plum is a traditional flavour, so this is a snack with a twist. The flavour is savory with a slightly sour edge.

Ginza Rusk Strawberry are not like regular sugar rusk. Instead they have a sweet creamy strawberry flavour that is extremely delicious!

This month’s Share Pack is five little packs of Cola Gummies. Tangy and delicious!

Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate are little pastry bites filled with strawberry cream. There are lots of different versions of this snack, and they are absolutely delicious. You can even warm them up in the oven!

This item wasn’t actually listed on the menu, however I think it’s some kind of chocolate Umaibo. Yum.

What a great box of goodies with a lovely romantic twist! Lots of fruity things, and some more unusual flavours such as the sour plum. Only those and the Umaibo were savory this month, but I don’t mind too much as everything is so delicious!

I love the sharing and party packs, they’re great for portion control, or if you only want a little bite of something sweet.

The value is very good, especially with the party and sharing packs, and these snacks are rarely, if ever found in the UK.

Finally, I’m so happy that they’ve brought back their menu booklet! It’s such a pleasure to look through it, and it always contains interesting information. It’s great that they’ve clearly listened to customers and decided to include it again, plus you can still see it online if you like!

There are so many lovely things you can share with your sweetheart this month. If you can wait for Valentine’s Day, that is!

Our score: 9.0/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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