TokyoTreat – March 2023

March is one of those funny months that doesn’t seem to have much going on theme-wise, so TokyoTreat has picked out some of the must fun flavours from each season in Japan!

There’s a terrific menu booklet inside. It tells you about the theme, and there’s a detailed list of all the goodies inside. It includes origins, flavours, and an allergy guide, which is very useful.

You also get a ton of cool information about food in Japan and Japanese culture in general. This month it’s as varied as finding out about different types of Japanese noodles, the best places to go for different food items, and Japanese holidays and festivals.

KitKat Melon, Yamayoshi Korean Nori Chips

Japan has all manner of fun KitKat varieties, but this is one of the more unusual KJitKat flavours I’ve tried! Melon is a v very popular flavour in Japan, used for everything from pastries to drinks, and these little white chocolate and wafer bars are made with actual melon puree so they have a proper melon fruity flavour.

Nori is another classic flavour, and these nori (seaweed) crisps are fantastically savoury and umami.

Mito Stype Udon, Sangria Tsunami Orange

Udon noodles from Mito are thin and come in an amazing savoury dashi broth that contains fried tofu and spring onions, and enhanced with bonito flakes and seaweed. This noodle pot is light but incredibly flavourful, and perfect for the cold weather that’s still hanging on!

This month’s drink is a can of orange soda, and contains real orange juice and pulp for a proper sunshine flavour. It’s really delicious, a cut far above the regular orange flavoured soda!

Pure & Natural Apple Gummy, Pocky Heartfelt Blueberry, Mini Chocolate Marshmallows

There’s more fruity flavours in these apple gummies, and as they’re made with proper apple juice they really do taste of apples. Pocky is another classic Japanese snack, and it comes in lots of different varieties. While you can find them all over the world, there are varieties which are exclusive to the Japanese market, and this is one of the, They’re flavoured with Japanese blueberries in the white chocolate coating, and the flavour is really fantastic.

Chocolate covered marshmallows are the best of both worlds! I think they’re absolutely perfect for a cup of hot chocolate, and marshmallows are actually also a traditional gift for the Japanese holiday White Day. (You can read all about it in the menu booklet.)

Corn Potage Snacks, Maeda’s Crackers, Curry Kamesen Senbei

Corn Potage is a delicious creamy corn soup that’s very popular in Japan. These light and crunchy corn snacks have the exact flavour of corn, almost sweet but also salty and tasty. These are an oldie but goodie!

The crackers are another classic staple, simple salted crackers but in a delicious bitesize that is very moreish. They’re been sold for over 50 years.

Senbei are crunchy fried rice crackers that go beautifully with a beer, especially these traditional Japanese curry-flavoured ones. Curry is particularly popular in Japan in the winter time, so this is the perfect time to enjoy them in snack form.

Mystery Snack – Plum Senbei, Fizzy Grape Ramune, Ume Sour Candy, Cola Candy Diamond Ring

One item this month is a mystery item! I’ve got Plum Senbei, which are plum jam flavoured thin rice crackers, and really yummy. They’re light and crisps and have just the right about of sweetness and tartness.

Ramune candy is super popular in Japan – it’s the candy equivalent of ramune soda drink, and it’s fizzy and comes in lots of flavours. This one is grape and really does taste just like.grape soda.

If you like sour candy there Ume will really give you a kick! Spring in Japan bring forth cherry blossom, but also the incredibly sour plum which is used in many things to eat.

Ring pops are one of the most fun candies out there, and definitely a favourite with children. A gem-shaped hard candy, this one in cola flavour, on a little plastic ring.


Our score: 9.6/ 10

This selection is a lot of fun this month. The theme feels slightly scattergun, but really it doesn't matter because there are so many delicious things. I'm particularly impressed with this month's noodle bowl, the dashi broth really is a special flavour and it's perfect for winter! I also love the nori potato chips, I'm a huge fan of salty snacks and these are superb. On the sweet side, Pocky, and of course KitKat, continue to come in all kinds of wild flavours, and it's such fun discovering new ones! All together, this is another great selection of Japanese flavours in snack form, plus some fun learning things thrown in!

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