TokyoTreat – August 2022

This month’s TokyoTreat box of Japanese snacks and treats is all about the inspiration of summer flavours, Sugoi Summer. 

Sugoi in Japanese doesn’t have an exact translation, but it’s an exclamation that can mean great, wow, awesome etc. And that’s certainly appropriate for the delicious things inside!

The booklet has a terrific menu of all the items, which includes descriptions and an allergy guide.

There’s also a ton of fun facts and seasonal information about Japan in the summer, from the food, different festivals, and popular places to visit.

Summer Surprise KitKat – Cafe au Lait (or Matcha Latte)

There’s one of two different mini KitKat bags in the box this month. Both are coffee-related, and I’ve got the Cafe Au Lait, which is creamy and delicious and tastes greats treat out of the fridge. Japanese KitKats come in so many wonderful varieties so it’s always fun seeing which one will arrive each month.

Yaki Edamame Cracker, Jajatteru Potato Snack, Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt Crisps 

The little edamame crackers look and taste just like edamame beans. If you’re a fan of edamame these will be a big hit. The potato snacks are like a cross between chips and crisps – big fat crunchy chips! They’re simple and salty and go really nicely with a cold drink.

Truffle crisps always feel like a luxury; they incredibly umami taste is incredibly rich, and they’re really very moreish.

Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream Soda, Chilled Tank Soba

Everyone knows the famous Chupa Chips lollipops, but now you can get the same flavour in a soda! The strawberry flavour is remarkably creamy, and I especially love this one because the strawberry cream lollipop is my favourite!

Chilled noodles might sound a little strange, but they’re actually really refreshing on a hot day. You add hot water as usual to cook, then drain and cover with cold water, drain again, then add the sauce and topping included. You can jazz them up even more by adding a fried egg! This is a great way to experience a genuine Japanese summer meal.

Sakusaku Oanda Salted Vanilla & Choco Cookies, Morning Menu Banana Castella, Kakinotane

The cute panda cookies each have a different face and are coated with milk chocolate. The hint of salt acts as a lovely contrast to the sweetness of the cookie and chocolate. The Castella is a banana-shaped pastry that’s filled with a mixture of red bean paste and banana. A proper mashup of flavours and does nicely with a cup of green tea. Kakinotane are a traditional Japanese salty snack consisting of tiny senbei (crunchy rice cakes) and peanuts. Just right to go with a cold beer in the sunshine.

Umaibo Mentai, Banana Man Marshmallow, Mashuro Marshmallow

Umaibo are one of the most popular dagashi (pocket money snacks and sweets). They’re a crispy puffed corn tube and they come in a multitude of flavours. This one is Mentai, which is pollock roe, and is wonderfully salty and delicious. The banana marshmallow has a delicious chocolate filling, a cute twist on the Japanese festival snack of chocolate banana. The Mashura marshmallow is a cute twisted marshmallow, a bit like a Flump, and is a classic soft and chewy treat.

Sour Paper Candy Cola, Mini Milk Chocolate Balls, Watermelon Seed Ramune Candy

Paper candy isn’t paper, but it’s a paper thin gummy sweet with a tangy fizzy coating, like chewing on cola soda! The little mini chocolates pop out of the packaging, and are coated in a crispy sugar shell. Range candy is the sweets version of the classic Japanese soda pop, and these little candies are watermelon flavoured and shaped to look exactly like watermelon seeds.




Our score: 9.6/ 10

This is a great summery selection. I love all the salty snacks, which I think work especially well in summer, especially with a cold beer! I'm always delighted with the KitKats, I love trying all the different flavours, there are so many that you can't get outside Japan. The chilled noodles are really intriguing, I would never have thought they work, but actually the are remarkably refreshing and very flavourful. Overall a great combination of sweet, fruity and salty, with introductions to new taste sensations!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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