TokyoTreat – August 2021

TokyoTreat is embracing a super-summer vibe this month with the Tropical Treats box!

From Mango treats to a special Japan-exclusive Fanta, it looks like there will be a ton of summery flavours to enjoy.

Mike Popcorn Japanese 7 Spice Blend & Fanta Sumomo Plum

Japanese 7 spice is a really delicious blend, very popular in noodles, soups, and meat dishes. It rather reminds me of an exotic barbecue!

The Sumomo Plum Fanta is a special summer flavour exclusive to the Japanese market. It’s very distinctive, fruity with a slightly sour note, and is incredibly refreshing for summertime. It’s not something I’ve ever tried before, but it’s delicious.

Aji Cheese, Aji Curry Chips, & Cabbage Taro

A trio of corn crunchy snacks here. They are flavoured with delicious strong cheese, traditional Japanese curry, and traditional savory sauce with cabbage.

Umaibo Lemon & Shimi Chocolate Stick

More corn snacks, but sweet this time! Umaibo is a favourite with children, a crunchy puffed corn tube that comes in a huge range of flavours. This one is lemon, which is a limited flavour especially for summer.

The Shimi Stick is crunchy corn too, with a rich chocolate flavour.

KitKat Mango

Japanese KitKats are legendary in their flavour variety, and these are another special edition for summer. Flavoured with Alphonse mango, the cream filling and the chocolate coating are the perfect tropical summery flavour!

Bananaman, Sour Soda Gummy, & Mashro

Banana and chocolate are a great flavour combination, and this little banana marshmallow stick combines them perfectly with a delicious chocolate filling.

Everyone loves cola bottles, and this is a special sour version.

Mashro is another marshmallow stick, in the traditional fun sweet flavour with a cute twisted design.

Porikey Corn Potage & Sankaku Vegetable Crackers

Porikey are popular pretzel stick snacks, and this version is flavoured with the delicious traditional sweetcorn soup. It’s amazing how much these really do taste of this creamy and tasty corn!

Vegetable crackers are another popular savory nibble, and contain little pieces of real vegetables for extra flavour.

Grape Gummies & Cocoa Bolo

This month’s box contains two surprise items, and these grape gummies are the first. Cats are a traditional symbol of luck in Japan, and these delicious gummies are shaped like tiny cats paws for an extra cute factor!

These little corn puff balls are light in texture but heavy on flavour, and are just right when you want a bit of chocolate that isn’t too sweet.

Pocky Coconut & MochiMochi Chocolat Sakura Mochi

Pocky – biscuit sticks coated with chocolate – come in a ton of varieties, and these are a special summer exclusive flavour. The coating is thick chocolate with lots of coconut for a tropical twist.

These delicious soft and chewy rice cakes are flavoured with sweet sakura, and inside is a delicious matcha tea flavoured filling. The slightly bitter matcha pairs beautifully with the sweetness of the cherry blossom.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

There are definitely a ton of summery flavours here! The standout item has to be the mango KitKats. I've tried lots of varieties of KitKat, but this is definitely near the top of my list of favourites. The coconut Pocky is also delicious, and the Fanta was a proper new flavour experience. As well as sweet things I do love my savory snacks, so I'm really happy there were plenty to choose from this month. The 7 spice popcorn is a great example of traditional Japanese flavour in a more unusual form. This is a great choice of goodies, perfect to enjoy over the hot summer weeks!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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