TokyoTreat – April 2022

I always look forward to springtime TokyoTreat boxes, because they always celebrate one of the most prominent Japanese seasons; cherry blossom, or sakura! And this month is just what I hoped for with the Supremely Sakura box.

We’ve all all things spring here, including peach and of course the famous cherry blossom.

The booklet tells you all about this famous Japanese festival, what people do, where they go, and of course there’s also lovely descriptions of all the items inside, including an allergy list.

KitKat Peach

Japan is known for its amazing variety of KitKats, and this spring peach flavour is one of the best. Both the filling  and lovely white chocolate coating taste wonderfully of peaches, and while they’re sweet, the fruitiness works beautifully with the chocolate. This is absolutely one of my favourite varieties.

Sakura Karinto, Tirol Choco Sakura Matcha, Pocky Heartfelt Cherry

Karinto are little Japanese crackers, and the sakura petals give them a slightly sweet, fragrant flavour.

Two popular Japanese flavours in one are these little chocolates, with an outer coating of matcha and cherry blossom and they’re filled with a creamy centre. The slight bitterness of the matcha pairs beautifully with the sakura and creamy, which gives it an edge and stops the sweetness from being overwhelming.

Pocky are another well-known Japanese snack, are are biscuit sticks that come in a variety of chocolate coatings. These are coated with cherry chocolate, which has a slightly sour edge, and the biscuit sticks are in the shape of a heart. Very cute and delicious, they’re very easy to eat!

Sakura Donut Sticks, Sakura Madeleine Cupcake

Thesedonut-type bars are soft and sweet, and have been dipped in cherry blossom syrup for extra tenderness.

The Japanese love French-style pastries and put their own twist on them, in this case the traditional Madeleine has been made cupcake-shaped, and the batter contains blossom for a beautiful springtime flavour.

Fanta Yogurt Rush White & Yellow Peach, Shrimp Tempura Soba Noodle

Japan also produces many interesting flavours of soda, and Yogurt Rush range was brand new last year. It has a lovely tangy flavour, and this this new-release version contains both yellow and white peach juice for an extra spring flavour. Peach is especially popular in Japan because they feature both at springtime and also in Japanese folklore.

TokyoTreat includes a noodle pot in every box, and this month’s is in great contrast to the sweet and fruity treats! The shrimp flavour is deep and tasty, and they are super easy to make by just adding hot water for a real Japanese fast-eating experience!

Texas Corn Okononiyaki Puffs, Uncle Pierre’s Strawberry Roll Cake, Full Moon Pan Cracker

Okonomiyaki is a savory sauce that is used in many Japanese dishes. like brown sauce it’s made from fruits and vegetables along with vinegar and various seasonings. It’s savory but also has a tangy sweetness to it, and these corn puff snacks are a great way to try the taste.

The little roll cake is light and delicious, a sweet Swiss roll that’s filled with strawberry-flavoured cream.

This crunchy cracker is so called because it’s the shape of the moon, and it tastes of soy sauce with a little spicy edge to it.

Constellation Choco Cookie, New Mochi Taro, Chee-ZACK Cheese Snack, Pandaro Melon Cookie

The cookie itself is actually plain, and the sweetness comes from the thick chocolate coating. It’s also named after the pattern of stars embedded in the chocolate.

Mochi Taro are tiny crunchy rice crackers, and the simple salt flavour is made interesting by the amazing texture and surprising moreishness.

Another savoury snack, the Chee-Zack is a light little cracker that tastes strongly of cheese, great as a contrast to all the sweetness!

The Pandora biscuit is a cute little melon-flavoured butter cookie, and each cookie has the shape of a different panda face – very cute indeed.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

Like I said, I love the goodies that come out when it's Spring in Japan. Sakura is such a unique flavour, and it's wonderful to see it celebrated here in so many ways. I also love all the peach items, especially the KitKats of course! Along with a few familiar favourites, this is an exceptional selection this month that really celebrates Japanese seasonal flavours.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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