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Sophisticated shaving with brush and blade.

Wet Shaving Stuff

The Personal Barber delivers the finest quality traditional wet shaving products every month. Our aim is get you to actually enjoy your morning ritual by introducing the lost art of the wet shave.

We don’t rely on gimmicks such as multiple bladed razors, we provide a classic safety razor with a double edge blade, a shaving brush, replacement blades, shaving soap and more. All of this ensures you get the most comfortable smooth shave as well as keeping your skin in the best possible condition.

The Personal Barber philosophy is that you should not just get a great shave, but enjoy the act of shaving itself.  You can’t help but feel like a sophisticated fellow after using a brush and classic razor and they look great lined up in the bathroom. A sign of a true man.

Our service also keeps you excited and looking forward to each box as every month you get to try new soaps with different smells and textures as well as oils, balms, alums and colognes. Variety is the spice of life, shaving doesn’t have to be any different.

Never wet shaved before? Everything you need is included in our first box as well as a handy step by step guide.

The Personal Barber is on a mission, they want to take you to a time when a man only needed one sharp blade to shave, a simpler time. IMG_20150405_155406To do that they have created a monthly subscription box to provide such items. Initially they offer this in two packages; the first is the ‘Monthly shave box’ for beginners who don’t have a classic razor or a shaving brush. The ‘Monthly shave box’ provides a classic razor, shaving brush, blades, soaps and a guide on how to get started.

The other option is the ‘Advanced box’ for people who already have the beginner items. The advanced box provides blades, oils, balms or colognes. A simpler way to put it is, the ‘Monthly shave box’ is step one, the ‘Advanced box’ is step two and beyond. If you aren’t a beginner you can just jump straight into step 2 and begin receiving the premium shave related surprises straight away.

The Personal BarberThe box I received was the beginner’s box; I must admit to being a shaving barbarian, disposable razors are my game, use, throw away, repeat. The shaving kit comes in a small brown cardboard box, filled with a tissue paper type material that closely resembles wood shavings. The actual products are tucked inside the tissue paper that has been used as a shock absorbent to keep everything safe. It did a good job; everything arrived in pristine condition although I found I had to dig through it to actually extract the items from the box, which led to some mess.

The items themselves were high quality, the box contained: 1x Classic Razor, 2x Packets of blades, 2x Soaps, 1x Shaving Brush, 1x Packet of Alum matchsticks and 1x Shaving manual.

IMG_20150405_155313The razor is all metal and breaks down into 3 pieces when you unscrew the handle from the head; this allows a blade to be added and the razor to be put back together. Different brands of blades have variant sharpness grades, there were two brands included so I could gauge for myself which was best. The soaps came in two scents, milk & honey and Black Tea; they were quite special with amazing scents. As of writing this, I have not used the Alum Matchsticks, they are for when you have irritation or cut yourself, you can wet them and dab them on the problem area to relieve it, a thoughtful addition.

Initially I didn’t read the manual; I dived into the items and took apart the razor, added the blade and put it back together. Much to my excitement, I found I had put it together the wrong way. I can assure you, the manual provided is as useful as any of the other items in the box, read it!

IMG_20150405_160127The rest of the experience was much smoother, the instructions clearly lay out how to prepare your face and the brush for shaving and even how to use the classic razor for the best results. The personal barber shave is easily done, even for someone new to it and gives good results. I was even surprised to see my wife had noticed the positive difference.

There is a downside to this way of shaving, for someone like me who is not used to putting as much time into shaving as this process requires, it would be tempting not to commit to the change. I don’t leave much time for shaving and I’m not sure if I will, which could be a problem for someone considering this as a subscription.

IMG_20150405_155911That being said, if you want to look fresh, feel fresh and be fresh, this could be the shaving subscription for you. I can see they put dedication into picking premium products to compliment your face and if that’s the service you want, you can’t ignore this one because the personal barber provides.


Price per box: £24.95 incl UK shipping

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