The personal barber #1

Les Zaperos


Box description

Box name: The Personal Barber

Month: December 2015

inside_view poducts

Shipping information

Speed of shipment: the box was sent on Monday and I received it on Wednesday

Tracking information: the stamp on the box contained a tracking number so easy to track

Packaging quality: the packaging is solid enough to not have the product damaged. However, the packaging is too big for the letter box

Packaging look: the packaging is well designed with a touch of simplicity.

Easy to open: two sticks seal the box and is easy to open



The box review 

The products were placed in a inner box which was big enough to contain the products, but small enough to keep them close together and safe. The box was also filled with some wood shaving that makes it good looking and safer.

Here are the products that my box contained:

razorRazor: The box contained a metal-made traditional razor. The razor had to be mounted with a single blade with double edges. The weight of the razor seemed to be perfect for shaving.

Being a beginner with this product I found that it was easy to use, not too heavy to manipulate. I just needed a time of adaptation for a safe shaving.


brush blade

Brush: the brush was a nice looking and soft brush which didn’t irritate the skin. It was easy to wash after use and dried quickly.

Blades: There were 2 sets of extra blades, Gillette 7 o’clock sharp edge and Prime Platinum. Good quality for both of them.



Shave cream: from Pall Mall Barber, with sandalwood and clove smell, the cream was really smooth and easy to apply on the skin. There was no need to put a lot in a bowl so can be used for a month.

Post-shave Balm: from Pall Mall Barber too, with the same fragrance, the balm is not thick or sticky. It brings an appeasement and fresh feeling on the skin after shaving.

The box included two cards. There is a list of each product and a description to explain where they come from, with what they are made (e.g.: the brush is made with synthetic hairs, so free of animal products).

The beginners can also find some tips about how to put the blade against the face (“The Sweet Spot”). I found this point really helpful, being a beginner with this double edge razor.



Value for money: the price is reasonable compared to the quality of each product. Even if the balm and after shave balm are not known brands, they are still good quality products.

Product diversity: having a double edges razor in the box makes it interesting. Every month the customer will have new blades, more shaving balm and after shave balm, but different from the month before, that keeps the customer interested and off the routine.

Overall thoughts: this box is very useful for all gentlemen. They can re-discover the pleasure of an old fashion shaving, which is completely different from what we are used to in the modern world.

The products are very good quality that makes the shaving enjoyable. Also, this box keeps the customer interested with different products planned to be sent every month.

Just one thing though. I have got the information that the box should contain a soap that was missing in mine. I was a bit disappointed about that because the box is really nice but the description we can find on the website doesn’t fit with my first box. Besides this, everything was just great and I definetely recommend it to every man!

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