The Happy Paper Club October 2015

Happy Paper Club October 2015- All Items Happy Paper Club October 2015- Inside Packaging

The Happy Paper Club mantra is simple: deliver stationery that invokes happiness, joy and inspiration to every subscriber. Its founder, Gabrielle, believes in proliferating goodwill through gifts and stationery. To achieve this, she has launched an online shop, the green gables, to promote her interest in positive psychology. Through this venture, Gabrielle curates this monthly subscription box that brings together a trove of items to assist with self-organisation, motivation and- unsurprisingly- happiness.

The Happy Paper Club is packaged in a plain cardboard box that is slender enough to fit through a standard mail slot. Because of the nature of its contents, which are primarily stationary, the package is lightweight and the objects are resilient. Once opened, all items were carefully wrapped in tissue paper. The appearance of the box is modest both inside and out, adhering to Gabrielle’s eco-friendly commitment.

Happy Paper Club unboxed:

• An A5 to-do list
• A postcard with envelope
• 2 mini prints
• A pen
• Embroidered mirror contributed by Snapdragon
• A card with an offer for a free personalised pouch for the embroidered mirror.
• October 2015 newsletter card

Happy Paper Club October 2015- A5 Cards

The majority of the items in the box are designed to accentuate words of wisdom or promote a principle of positive psychology. The note pad is headed with ‘today’s to do list to stay happy’ and provides a template for an itemised list with tick boxes. The postcard is versatile, reading ‘take it easy’, and the two printed A6 cards read as manifestos: one includes a collection of positive thoughts and actions (to the effect of ‘find joy in the everyday’ ‘think twice, speak once’ and ‘make time to play’) and the other advocates to ‘enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things’.

Happy Paper Club October 2015- Pocket Mirror Happy Paper Club October 2015- Postcard

The set of four colourful bookmarks, which are exclusive to subscribers of the Happy Paper Club this month, boast literary-based citations from the ilk of C.S. Lewis, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Dr Seuss and Neil Gaiman. In the newsletter card that accompanies the box, Gabrielle refers to the Danish concept of hygge, which is the celebration of cosiness, to encourage subscribers to turn to a comforting book during the autumnal months- hence their inclusion.

Happy Paper Club October 2015- To do List and PenThe pen included in this month’s box is made from recycled CD cases- it’s a plain white ballpoint adorned with two green stripes. The mini embroidered mirror is contributed by an independent British business, Snapdragon, and has a mirror on one side and a decorative embroidered cupcake on the reverse. There is an option to order a free personalised wool pouch to protect the pocket mirror- this must be ordered via the Snapdragon online store, where you can customise it by choosing a colour and specifying a name or message. I ordered mine and was amazed with how promptly it arrived (within one working day!).

The Happy Paper Club collates items intended to reach out and inspire its subscribers, but this form of positive psychology won’t appeal to everyone. The stationery items are of good quality, made from recycled paper and all materials are sourced as locally as possible- the collaboration with small British businesses also contributes to its charm. The ability to personalise the pocket mirror pouch offers sentimental value and a touch of individualism to the box.

The items included in the Happy Paper Club represent a varied range of items. Pens and bookmarks are universally handy and the A5 prints will appeal to those interested in self-improvement as ornaments that can be placed in a frame or hung up on a wall.

Despite this, the subscription price is low, costing £10 a month with postage included, so the Happy Paper Club represents excellent value as a monthly treat that can be justified. While it is more attuned to individuals who believe and practise positive psychology, the box will appeal to recipients who happily avoid ornate and costly trinkets for simplicity. This philosophy is the backbone of Gabrielle’s business and is evident in the box, which is simply an unpretentious monthly incantation for happiness.

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