Subscription gifts: the 16 best subscription boxes to offer

subscription gifts

Subscription gift Boxes have become quite the rage in the United Kingdom, and indeed everywhere in the world. To give an idea of how popular these boxes are, at least one in every four Britons has signed up to a subscription box.

Since the concept of subscription boxes first launched in 2010, the trend has picked up with an impressive amount of speed. As such, hundreds of companies that offer subscription box services have sprung up all over the place. The ensuing marketing and advertising noise can make it challenging to pick out fantastic subscription box offers from the multitudes available.

Not to worry, we will help residents in the UK find the best ones. We took it upon ourselves to review hundreds of boxes and came up with a concise list of only the most fantastic. In a few moments, we will reveal our ten-point list of the best subscription boxes that 2020 has to offer.

Why are Subscription Boxes a Great Gift Idea?

A food box: a great gift idea

More often than not, the thrill of receiving a gift is in the surprise. A subscription box conveniently does that for. These boxes contain a collection of handpicked goodies that subscribers can treat their loved ones to, and every month too! So, irrespective of their hobbies – books, drinks, beauty, food, even games – there is a subscription box that fits.

Not only do they offer items the subscribers are passionate about, but they also introduce new items users may have no clue about. So, subscription boxes are a fantastic way to ensure loved ones or the subscribers themselves get their favourite gift items ever so frequently.

That said, keep reading to discover our compilation of some of the best subscription boxes in 2020.

The Best Subscription gifts to Offer

There are a variety of subscription boxes from which residents across the country can choose. Several companies offer the same niche of products.

But, since our readers deserve only the best, we have done our homework to ensure they get just that. Here is our list of the top subscription boxes available in the UK this year.

1. Glossybox : Our favourite Subscription gift for beauty addicts

Glossybox, a nice subscription gift

This is a great Subscription gift for the beauty addict. A subscription to Glossybox earns subscribers a range of at least five beauty products every month. In each box, they’ll receive a collection of a minimum of five delightful cosmetic products at their doorstep.

Subscribers also get a Glossybox magazine which contains juicy interviews and beauty tips. With Glossybox, customers can expect to be opening a treat of the latest products in beauty and cosmetics!

2. Lookfantastic

lookfantastic Beauty Box Subscription

Here’s another chance for beauty lovers to get fantastic selections of amazing products. A Lookfantastic subscription box offers six specially curated beauty products every month.

Currently, the brand has an impressive collection of 22,000 products and is in partnership with more than 66 premium beauty brands. So, for those interested in makeup, skincare, haircare, and even fragrance, Lookfantastic is one of the best places to look.

3. Kiwico

A very nice Subscription gift for kids or younger siblings, sign up to Kiwico subscription boxes. Interestingly, even adults can even directly benefit from this subscription. The goal with Kiwico subscription boxes is to help kids and adults learn through a fun approach. Therefore, their subscription boxes contain items that help stimulate learning and curiosity.

After all, the right method and environment go a long way in impacting the learning abilities of children. Kiwico has a range of products for different age groups. So, prospective subscribers should certainly check them out!

4. ToucanBox

This is another one for the kids. ToucanBox is a critically acclaimed box service that delivers children’s craft boxes to subscribers every month. The target age range of the ToucanBox goodies are a little more specific – three to eight years.

However, almost any child is guaranteed to enjoy them. Each ToucanBox contains a stash of materials necessary to make at least two exciting and colourful crafts. Also, the kids get an instruction manual, magazine, and a sticker sheet.

5. HelloFresh

HelloFresh - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

It is almost impossible for any foodie to resist HelloFresh subscription boxes. Each HelloFresh box comes with a variety of perfectly portioned fresh ingredients and a recipe to guide the cook. Subscribers not only have all they need to make a tasty meal, but they also get an instruction manual to make it perfect each time. Every week, the HelloFresh team comes up with new recipes that not only ensure variety but also appeal to every taste.

6. SimplyCook

SimplyCook - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

Another Subscription gift for the food lovers who are adventurous in the kitchen is SimplyCook. The SimplyCook subscription exists to make cooking more convenient and freer from the pressure of doubt. Every SimplyCook subscription box contains a fantastic blend of ingredients and recipes from renowned professional chefs.

With the items in these boxes, users can tour the world with global cuisines from the comfort of their own kitchen. Furthermore, SimplyCook offers a variety of options and sizes to suit every need.

7. FFS (Friction-Free Shaving) Box

Friction-Free Shaving or FFS subscription boxes offer a way to make shaving smooth and convenient. With their shaving kit, users can avoid annoying side effects of regular blades that we all hate – itches and bumps. Both men and women can enjoy FFS subscription boxes.

Every month, they’ll provide a collection of premium shaving accessories, from reusable blades with diamond coats to cosmetic products. Moreover, the cosmetic creams and lotions contain all-natural ingredients for extra peace of mind.

8. Flaviar

For those with an adventurous thirst for exciting new drinks, a subscription to Flaviar is perfect. Flaviar offers a curated selection of drinks to customers who want to taste new brews. Essentially, it helps them find new alcoholic beverages.

Every month, Flaviar sends a box of three new and incredible flavours across a variety of beverage styles. This way, subscribers can tread the fun path to discovering their new favourite drinks.

9. Awebox

Nothing beats an alcoholic treat now and then. This is a principle Awebox firmly believes. So, every month, Awebox puts together a few of the subscriber’s favourite drinks and delivers them. They have an impressive array of products – Gin, Vodka, Beer or Whisky. Just name it and Awebox will provide them in delightful varieties.

10. Gadget Discovery Club

Gadget Discovery Club holds the title of being the world’s number one lifestyle gadget subscription box. This title is not unfounded. Every month, they send out parcels with interesting gadgets which are guaranteed to give everyday life a boost.

With products ranging from health and fitness to entertainment and even utilities, GDC has a box for everyone. Geeks and techies are not the only ones that can enjoy a subscription to Gadget Discovery Club boxes.

11. Birchbox

Birchbox - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

This is one for the makeup and beauty lovers. For $15 every month, Birchbox will deliver 5-6 beauty sample products to the doorstep of subscribers. These boxes usually include an exciting mix of skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care items. Subscribers can choose to get a box of items picked just for them (they can select one item themselves) or a box fully curated by the experts at Birchbox, it’s always a treat!

12. Whirli

For parents tired of their kids getting bored with their Toys, the Whirli subscription box is perfect. Every month, Whirli sends a huge box full of toys for kids. Typically, these toys are the latest, safe and mostly non-gender specific.

The best part is parents can return a toy and get one in exchange (after a couple of months). Therefore, they can easily update the catalogue of toys their kids play with, without any issues.

13. Degustabox

For those who love food and want to be surprised with treats, Degustabox is perfect. Every month, Degustabox delivers about 10-13 food-related products for subscribers to enjoy.

Typically, the contents of the box include energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, meat-based food, and even vegetarian food treats. It really is an absolute bargain.

14. I Love Gin

I Love Gin - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

Getting bored with the alcohol choices in the local bar? I Love Gin is a subscription box perfect for the adventurous alcohol lover. Typically, they’ll send out different gins paired with matched mixers. This way, subscribers can try out new gin mixes in the comfort of their house. To spice it up, I Love Gin usually includes an information card that contains details about each gin and the best garnishes to use.

15. Zbox

For the geeks, Z-box offers an easy way to fuel all geeky interests. The box contains a T-shirt, collectables, merchandise and other memorabilia that centres on a specific theme. This month, the theme may be zombies, the next month it’s Jurassic Park. With Z-box, every geek can expect a delightful surprise centred around their favourite interests.

16. Lootcrate

This is a unique subscription made for the average “geek”. Gamers, collectors and comic book fans are also welcome to enjoy the terrific treats from Lootcrate. Each box contains souvenirs, figurines, T-shirts and collectables from the biggest geek interests in pop culture.

Boxing It All Up

Hopefully, residents in the UK enjoyed our list of the best subscription boxes in 2020. Take our word for it, a subscription to some of these services are a must-have. Try them out and let us know what the experience was like.

Here is the list of all the Subscription Boxes available in the UK ➜

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