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Make playing with your little ones easier; get all the toys you want in one box.

Whirli offers a toy subscription box for you and your kids. With a Whirli subscription, you get a huge toybox of your preferred toys. However, the fun part of this deal is that the box is sharable and you can send back a toy for exchange when done with it, all from just £8.63 per month plus delivery.

An award-winning service

How does the Whirli Subscription Box Work?

The Whirli subscription box works in four simple steps.

Step 1: Subscribe

The first step is to subscribe to Whirli. The plan starts at £8.63 per month with the exclusive discount code. Once you subscribe, you get Whirli Tokens to spend. With these tokens, you can create your toy box by choosing your preferred toys from the vast array of toys offered by Whirli. Once you finish creating your box, it is then delivered to you.

Step 2: Play

Once the toys have been delivered to you, they are yours to keep for as long as you want. If you keep a toy for more than twelve months, then it becomes yours. However, knowing fully well that kids often have preferences when it comes to toys, the chances are that your kids would love some and get bored with other toys. You can send back the less preferred toys in exchange for new ones.

Step 3: Give

Once you’re done with a toy, all you have to do is send it back to give another person a chance to play with it, and you get a replacement. For every toy returned, you get an equivalent number of Whirli Tokens to spend on something else. This allows you to get the most of your money and make your children happier.

Step 4: Repeat

Once you create a subscription package, you can continue creating an ever-changing toy box to suit your needs.
Every toy returned is inspected, cleaned and sterilized by Whirli for another kid to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about anything.


Whirli offers a range of plans to choose from, with pricing based on the total value of toys you want to borrow at a time.

You can choose from four different plans: Toy Sack, Toy Box, Toy Trunk, and Toy Chest. Each plan comes with a certain number of Whirli Tokens, which can be used to borrow toys. Whirli Tokens are the currency used to manage the personalised toy box and are based on the retail price of the toys.

Toy Sack

The Toy Sack plan is perfect for giving the service a try, as it starts from only £8.63 per month and comes with up to 80 Whirli Tokens, worth approximately £80 in retail value.

Toy Box

If you want to introduce your children to a variety of toys and enjoy ever-changing play, the most popular plan is the Toy Box, which starts from £12.97 per month and comes with up to 120 Whirli Tokens, worth approximately £120 in retail value.

Toy Trunk

For a well-balanced variety of toys, you can opt for the Toy Trunk plan, which starts at £16.63 per month and comes with up to 160 Whirli Tokens, worth approximately £160 in retail value.

Toy Chest

Finally, if you want to access high-end and bigger toys for your children, the Toy Chest plan is ideal. It starts from £24.97 per month and comes with 240 Whirli Tokens, worth even more with additional bundles.

Billing Periods

You can choose to pay for your subscription on a monthly basis or save money by paying for six months or a year in advance. Those who pay half-yearly can save up to 30%, while those who pay yearly can save up to 40% with the exclusive discount code. And if you decide that the service isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

Swap out toys

Whirli also allows you to exchange toys as often as you want and get back the same number of Tokens you spent, so you can continually swap out toys for your children.

Why Should You Choose Whirli?

Full flexibility and control

Whirli allows you the flexibility of choosing the toys you want and how long you and how long you want to keep a toy.

Cost Efficiency

Due to the swap package, your little ones also get to enjoy a wide range of toys without breaking the bank.

The Toy Subscription Service with a 4.6 Rating on Trustpilot

Whirli has great rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot. Users love Whirli’s business model, which provides an unlimited variety of toys at a small fraction of the cost compared to full ownership, reducing waste and promoting children’s development. Whirli also boasts of excellent customer service and a team that goes above and beyond to resolve any issues. Customers appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of the team, making them loyal supporters of the business. So, if you’re looking for an excellent toy subscription service, Whirli is a highly recommended option!

Whirli discount code

You can have an additional 20% of all plans with code NEW20:

  • 20% off monthly plans
  • 30% off six monthly plans
  • 40% off twelve month plans

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I really like this service. The idea of receiving a large toy box each month for a low monthly fee, and being able to swap out toys when my children become bored, is great. The convenience of having the toys delivered straight to my door is a huge plus, especially during times when I am busy and cannot make it to the store. It's great to have control over my experience and customize it to fit my needs. Finally, the cost-effectiveness of Whirli is a major factor in my decision to subscribe. I can keep my children engaged and entertained with a constantly evolving set of toys without breaking the bank. Overall, I really like Whirli and would definitely recommend it to other parents.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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  • Ever-changing toy box
  • From £8.63

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  • Ever-changing toy box
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