Your Sommelier – July 2018 Discover French Wine

Your Sommelier – July 2018 Discover French Wine

Your Sommelier is a monthly wine subscription box.

Every month you will receive 3 bottles of French wine selected by our Sommeliers with matching tasting cards including food pairing, information about wine, regions and appellations. You’ll also get our welcome binder to regroup all of your cards.

There are two options:

Discovery Box – A perfect introduction. Discover and learn. £36/Month

Expert Box – The finest French wines for Connoisseurs. £60/Month.

(Please excuse a strange blue cast on a couple of the pictures, my camera had some kind of freakout at the light!)

Your bottles are sent very well packaged!

A nice sturdy box and lots of bubblewrap. As well as the bottles, you also have an information card for each bottle, plus a general overview of this month’s featured region. This month it’s Provence.

See? It’s blue! No idea why.

Anyway, this month we’re back to a mixed box of red, white, and rose.

First, Chateau de Bormettes Rouge 2016.

This was pleasant to drink, even in hot weather. It was fairly dry, though not overly heavy. There was some nice fruit, though it definitely came more to the fore on the second day after opening.

To Be B Rose Chateau de Bregancon.

It’s such a treat to have a rose! It’s perfect in this very hot weather we’re having at the moment. While it wasn’t a sweet wine, there were some lovely notes of cherry, and it was beautifully light.

La Bargemone Blanc 2017. (For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the bottle with the tasting card. I blame being crazy busy in the run up to the holidays!)

You can see in the picture that this is a very light white wine. It has some very citrussy flavours, and is very light and fresh. Perfect for a hot summer evening!

I’m really happy to have a box of mixed bottles. I like red wine very much, but I sometimes find it difficult to drink when the weather is very hot. And as we’re in the middle of a crazy hot couple of weeks at the moment, I found the red a little bit of a struggle. It was very nice indeed, but just not quite what I want to drink when it’s really hot!

However the rose and the white were absolutely perfect. I loved the light flavour of the white, with just the right amount of acidity, and the rose was fresh and fruity. I’d be very happy to drink both of those on a warm summer evening!

Oh, and as an extra bonus, the white is organic.

The value of the box is good, especially when you factor in delivery. All these wines are not easily available, and you’re certainly not going to find them in the supermarket.

This is a lovely way to increase your tasting experience, and perfect timing for summer!






Our score: 9.0/ 10

A lovely mixed box this month, with a couple of bottles that are perfect for summer sipping!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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