Seoul Box – June 2019

Seoul Box is an exciting, brand new premium Korean snacks subscription box which has been set up by two people who love all things Korean! Their aim is to showcase the best of Korea to the rest of the world which includes free shipping to the UK – how awesome is that?

Each box is filled to the brim with a carefully chosen selection of authentic Korean snacks which includes sweets, savoury products like crisps, ramen, drinks sachets and more.

I’ve always been curious about Asian food but have never tried a snacks box like this before so I was super excited to see what was inside!

This is the first Seoul Box which arrived from Korea about a week ago (it was delivered via Royal Mail and there were no customs charges).

First things first – the box is HUGE! I hadn’t anticipated that it would be this big and there are over 30 snacks inside!

As all of the snacks are Korean, most of it doesn’t have any English writing on the packaging, so Seoul Box has put together a very handy booklet which details what all of the snacks are, as well as an article on the Gyeongbok Palace and some fun K-Pop colouring illustrations at the back.

With so many snacks to try, I enlisted the help of my housemates (who were more than happy to try out these foods!), so let’s get stuck in:-

Calbee Honey Butter Chips

We don’t have a lot of honey flavoured products in the UK so it was interesting to try these Honey Butter Chips from Calbee. They are hugely popular in Korea and have a sweet flavour with lots of crunch – yum!

Crown Sando Sweet Milk & Strawberry Cream Cheese Biscuits

These two packets of biscuits from Crown Sando feature a thick layer of frosting in the middle; on top is the Sweet Milk flavour and on the bottom is Strawberry Cream Cheese which was my favourite of the two.

Kancho Choco Cookie Balls

Next, we tried the Kancho Choco Cookie Balls which were virtually identical to the popular Japanese Hello Panda biscuits from Mejji. These are smaller in size with the same kind of filled biscuit treat.

Wasabi Almonds

Time for something spicy! These Wasabi Almonds were amazing with a cold glass of beer or cider!

Crown Rice Crackers

Next up, we tried two packets of Crown Rice Crackers. The red packet was nice and sweet, whereas the green packet had a strange savoury seasoning that we couldn’t quite pinpoint what flavour it was supposed to be….

Shrimp Sticks

Popular in Korea since 1971, these Shrimp Sticks had a light and crunchy flavour and were surprisingly moreish!

Honey Yak Gwa

Honey Yak Gwa is a classic Korean dessert made from Wheat, Sesame Oil and Honey. I really enjoyed these little biscuits – they reminded me of doughnut batter and were absolutely delicious.

Lollipop Ices in Screw Bar & Cola

These lollipops are flavoured to mimic popular ice lolly flavours. On the left is Screw Bar, a sweet, bubblegum and strawberry flavour, and on the right is a classic Cola. These reminded me of Chupa Chups.

Udon Ramen

I was pleased to see some ramen in the box as Korea are famous for these pots and this Udo Ramen has fourth of the calories of regular ramen for a healthier quick lunchtime meal. Very tasty!

Dong Suh Maxim Mocha Gold & Mae Hwa Flower Green Tea

As well as ramen, I always think of Coffee and Tea when I think of Korea and Seoul Box have included two sachets of each to try. The Maxim Mocha Gold is the original 1976 instant coffee version by Dong Suh which is still very popular (and delicious!), and the tea features Mae Hwa flower which is a symbol of Spring in Korea. Very nice and refreshing.

Crunchy Shells

These Crunchy Shells are corn crisps which have been soaked in sticky Honey Syrup and sprinkled with a hint of Cinnamon. You can eat them from the packet as a sweet treat or enjoy as cereal with milk which is how I tried them – they are so good! They remind me of Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes but without the nuts.

Lotte Sweet Potato Cake Spring Edition

A special Spring Edition of Lotte’s popular Sweet Potato Cake – a light sponge cake with a sweet potato spread that’s coated in chocolate. Lovely with a cup of tea.


These two little packets are called Ganjoeng and have been loved by Koreans for many years, recently becoming special holiday snacks. They appear to be made from puffed rice and have a sweet cracker vibe about them.

Crown Vienna Coffee and White Torte Wafers

Next, we tried two wafers from Crown. The top one is Vienna Coffee (my fave!) and the bottom is a sweeter White Torte flavour. They have a very delicate ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ texture.

Stir-Fried Chilli Paste

Described as an ideal sauce for making the classic Korean dish of Bibimbap, this is the only product that I haven’t tried yet but I’m looking forward to as I love spicy sauces.

Mochi Monaca

Mochi Monaca is a light red bean sandwich with a sweet mochi filling. Seol Box suggest opening it up and adding ice cream to create a real sweet treat and this is what we did – yum!

Crown Butter Crackers in Cream Cheese & Cheese Lemon

These Butter Crackers were a little strange – they are triple layered saltine cracker sandwiches with a cream cheese flavoured filling. We weren’t too keen on these sadly.

Kobuk Chip

However, we all devoured this large packet of Kobuk Chip! The crisp has an extra crunchy 4-layered structure and is sprinkled with Pink Himalayan Salt. It reminded me of salty Quavers – very moreish!

Jelly Bob Mini

A mini packet of fruity gummy sweets inspired by the popular seafood shaped snack, Gorea Bob. Very similar to Haribo.

Jeju Island Clementine Guazzle

The beautiful Jeju Island is on my wanderlist/bucket list, so it was fun to try out a traditional dessert that’s exclusive to the island and is made with fresh Clementines that grow in the volcanic soil. A tasty combination of fruity and sweet!

Almond Sweet Potato Latte

An instant sachet of Almond Sweet Potato Latte which sounds strange but was surprisingly really lovely with a sweet nutty flavour. All you need to add is hot or cold water.

Carbo Hot Chicken

Spicy noodles are super popular in Korea and I very much enjoyed this pot of Carbo Hot Chicken ramen with a creamy cheesy sauce. Brilliant for a quick and tasty meal.

Aritaum Fresh Face Mask

Korea is world-famous for its sheet masks and I was delighted to see one included in the box as an unexpected extra. This one from Aritaum is perfect for adding moisture and nutrients to the skin and felt really nice and soothing on.

Each month, Seoul Box gives you a magnet sticker and this one illustrates the magnificent Korean treasure that is Sung Nye Moon. This is alongside a sheet of stickers depicting traditional Korean snacks that are enjoyed by royalty in the Joseon Dynasty (Yak Gwa, Mochi Monaca and Ganjeong are included for you to try out!), and two pairs of chopsticks to go with the ramen pots.

At the bottom of the box, I also found two unidentified snacks which weren’t included in the booklet so they may be extras? The top one has mochi in it I think, and the bottom is a sweet sponge cake with a coffee flavour.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

Wow, what an amazing selection of Korean snacks! I had so much fun trying out all of these!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

How would you rate SeoulBox ?

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