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Coffee is one of the necessities of life, so a coffee subscription is perfect for devotees!

Rave Coffee doesn’t just offer you a regular delivery though. With every box of coffee you get a home barista handbook, with tips, tricks, and plenty of information about making your coffee experience even better.

Unlike many large commercial brands, Rave sources ethically and pays a fair price for their beans, so you can enjoy your morning coffee completely guilt-free.

You can choose between the Traditional and the Discovery options for your subscription. Traditional is a darker roast, and Discovery lighter, and it’s recommended you drink them black to preserve the taste and character.

You can also send a subscription as a gift, including giftwrap!

The box fits nicely through the letterbox, so you don’t have to worry about being in when the postman comes.

Inside you have your pouch of coffee. It’s a special sealed but breathable packaging, to make sure your coffee stays perfectly fresh.

The coffee comes in 250g pouches, which should make around 15 cups of coffee.

You can choose up to four pouches a month!

When you subscribe you choose the method of brewing so it will be ground to suit, or if you prefer whole beans, they’ll send those too.

There is a card attached to your coffee which gives you the type and some flavour notes.

You also get some information about the individual producers that supply your coffee, which definitely gives it a more personal dimension.

In addition to the coffee itself, Rave Coffee take the education portion seriously. With the first delivery you receive a Brew Guide. This cool little ring-bound booklet tells you about every different brewing method. It’s very clear with lots of information including ideal temperatures for adding the water to the coffee.

As for the coffee, it’s delicious! I have the cafetiere grind, which is quite coarse, though there’s a choice of lots of brewing methods. Also if you want to take your coffee experimentation further, especially after reading the Brew Guide, Rave Coffee sells a large variety of coffee-making equipment.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

Ethical coffee that tastes great, what more do you need? From only £7.95 per 250gincluding postage, it's around 50p per cup, which is an excellent price for quality coffee. And compared to coffee shops it's a no-brainer. The educational aspect is a terrific bonus, as learning more about good coffee can be rather addictive! It can also be fun experimenting with different methods, so whether you're a coffee geek or you'd like to be, Rave Coffee is a great place to start! And of course if you're stuck indoors for any reason, a coffee subscription guarantees you'll never run out.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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Rave Coffee

  • Education in Coffee
  • From £7.95

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Rave Coffee

  • Education in Coffee
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