Qappy Happiness Box – November 2021: Living Mindfully

Qappy is an interesting monthly subscription box that delivers an array of mindfulness activities and mood-boosting products to your door.

The Qappy team has worked with neuroscientists and psychologists to develop practical Happiness Boxes to help you build habits for a happier life. You can choose between the premium box (£39), the classic (£29) or the value box (£12) – all comes with free delivery. You can also choose to subscribe or buy one-off.

Inside each box, you can expect carefully selected treats, relaxing activities, and high quality digital content to explore and enjoy each month.

I was pleased to receive their Living Mindfully themed box this month which includes all of the following.

Happy Bingo

The first item is a Happy Bingo card which introduces you to some of the activities in the box and also offers mindfulness focussed suggestions that you can try out at home such as enjoying every bite of a meal and watching a candle to help you relax. It’s a great sheet to keep and reference back to when you need to unwind.

Living Mindfully Booklet

Next, there’s the Living Mindfully booklet where you’ll find all the QR codes for the digital content, as well as step-by-step guides on the mindfulness activities. It’s packed full of engaging and interesting features, plus inspirational quotes to help you think about and appreciate life.

Garden Your Way To Zen

One of the activities that I enjoyed the most was the ‘Garden Your Way To Zen’. Included in the box is everything that you need for this activity (black frame, bag of sand, mini gemstones, wooden rake and candle) so it’s very easy to set it up.

This activity is based on the zen gardens that feature in Japanese and Buddhist cultures for thousands of years. The idea is that the sand symbolizes water, the stones a seashore, and the waves help you to see that everything in life is ever-changing yet uniform. The stones can be linked to stability, whether that’s a place of worship or loved ones in your life. Attending to a zen garden helps to remind you to slow down so it’s great for meditation and relaxation.

Wise Bites

This pack of Wise Bites are cards with thought-provoking questions on them to make you stop and think about some deep and meaningful philosophical questions. You can ask and answer them yourself in private and write down your thoughts, or use them as prompts to open up engaging discussions with family and friends.

Carve A Soap Anchor

Another activity is called Carve A Soap Anchor and like before, all of the products are included in the box (a bar of soap, carving tool, soap dish, and anchor stencil). Unfortunately, the bar of soap that I received appeared to be slightly damaged and started to crumble when I attempted this activity, so I’ll try it again in the future on a different bar of soap.

The idea behind this activity is to help you to focus and concentrate with the anchor symbolizing a grounding presence for the present moment.

Doodle Worries Away

A particularly fun activity was the Doodle Worries Away which is featured towards the end of the Living Mindfully booklet. Here a sheet of paper and a pack of colouring pencils are provided in the box, and you can also scan the QR code to access a specially curated Mindful Tunes playlist to listen to whilst you do this activity.

Doodling and colouring engage the conscious and unconscious mind, helping you to relax and explore your creative side. The activity asks you to draw dots on the paper wherever you see imperfections and then draw these together to create different shapes and areas. Within these, you can colour or doodle, or leave some parts blank – it’s entirely up to you.


Last, but not least, there are a selection of healthy treats to enjoy. A pack of Hoogly Jasmine Green Tea, some dried Mango and a pack of vegan-friendly Chocolate – yum!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

An interesting and thought-provoking box of fun activities and content :)

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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