• Happiness Boxes
  • From £12

Would you like to be a bit happier? But, what works best for you, and where to start?

Qappy is here to help: taking the scientific research of what actually works and making it fun and easy.

Studies show that adopting habits such as mindfulness or gratitude, improving sleep or connecting with nature can have a massive impact on your well-being and happiness. You can re-train your brain through neuroplasticity and achieve lower anxiety, improved mood and overall better health.

You can start with a Qappy Happiness Box. The Qappy team worked with neuroscientists and psychologists to develop practical Happiness Boxes to help you build habits for a happier life. You can choose between the premium box (£39), the classic (£29) or the value box (£12) – all comes with free delivery. You can also choose to subscribe or buy one-off.

The Qappy boxes uniquely combine a fun and practical happiness box with high quality digital content to help you commit to your well-being and discover habits that actually work.

What’s inside the box?

Value-packed with treats, relaxing activities and digital content, we know you’ll fall in love with the Qappy boxes. In each box, you will find:

  • High quality treats, candles and snacks, supporting local businesses
  • Unique meditations, Spotify playlists and instructional step-by-step videos
  • Fun activities with all materials you need to get started and form new habits
  • Curated science articles, videos, and podcasts

Example of activities include building a zen garden, growing your own herbs, origami, soap carving and much more.

Are Qappy boxes available as a gift?

Qappy boxes are perfect as a gift for a loved one. After all, what better way to show them you care? You can send a box as a gift and include a handwritten gift message.

What themes can I choose from?

The boxes currently available for sale are Living Mindfully and Nature at home. A box on improving Sleep and Rest is coming up next, followed by many other engaging themes, scientifically shown to improve your well-being.

So try one of our boxes today, it’s perfect for self-care or as a truly unique gift for someone you love!

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  • Happiness Boxes
  • From £12



  • Happiness Boxes
  • From £12