Papergang – June 2018

New stationary is always a lovely treat, and Papergang is a great way to increase your stash of lovely paper and stationery items! Papergang works with a different artist each month to produce a range of items featuring their work. A monthly subscription costs £10.95 + 2.95 p+p.

The box fits right through the mailbox, and the sleeve design reflects the featured pattern of the month’s items.

These little cut-out plant markers are on the back of the box sleeve, very cute and theme-appropriate!

The items inside are all wrapped up in tissue paper like a present, but this month the paper was a rather torn (you’ll see why!) so I didn’t photograph it this time.

The menu booklet gives you a list of RRPs.

There’s also an interview and information about this month’s designer, who is also a gardener. She even tells us what kind of things she uses to organize her gardening.

Here’s this month’s calendar sheet, plus the menu booklet.

This is described as an A4ish notebook. It’s actually slightly smaller than A4, but on the large size for a notebook.

These are the inside pages. It’s not really a notebook, more of a planner. There is space for the date, plus a task list, appointments, and notes. The cover is soft card, stapled in the middle, so it opens out easily.

This is a large sheet of wrapping paper, folded. It’s the same pattern as the box and notebook cover.

Here is a little wooden ruler. It doesn’t say what kid of wood it’s made from, but it’s very light. Oddly, it measures 13 cm/5”.

This brass pen is the reason the tissue wrapping inside was torn! It’s in the shape of a bamboo stalk, and it’s rather heavy but feels very nice to write with. The lid also screws on, which is very handy as there’s no risk of it leaking!

Finally, a little notepad, printed as a note list, with the daises from the main pattern.

The RRPs always add up to more than the price of the box, and all items are exclusive to Papergang.

I certainly like this box a great deal more than last month’s! For me, the best item by far is the pen. It’s a great design, and it feels heavy and great quality. You can also refill it when it runs out.

The ruler is very cute and light, but it’s small! Compact rulers are always 15cm/6”, so I don’t quite understand why this one is so short. Being wooden I’d also be concerned that it would chip or become dented easily. However it does look very nice.

Wrapping paper is always useful to have around, though it’s a shame it has to be folded because the lines are visible when it’s unfolded. I also would have also liked there to be a little bit of ribbon or something to go with it. The quality is great though, nice and thick, and it’s 100% recycled.

The list notepad is also nice, there are plenty of sheets and the daisies look lovely. My only reservation is that, despite the daisies, it doesn’t really fit in with the overall dark design.

The notebook itself is quite light and thin because of the soft cover. I think I would have preferred to have plain pages rather than the planner printing inside., but the quality is nice.

This month has a nice selection (and great pen!) and I think the theme looks pretty good. The information in the menu booklet was very interesting as well. The main dark floral design is lovely, but I did feel like there was so much of it that it became a little overpowering. It would have been nice to have seen it used in a slightly more creative way visually, like the little daisies on the notepad, because it looked a bit samey.

But overall this is pretty pleasing to the eye and the stationary stash!



Our score: 8.4/ 10

This month's floral theme is showcased nicely, with a great selection of stationery goodies, plus a fantastic pen!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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Rating: 3.8/5. From 28 votes.
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