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Onesociety makes men’s beard grooming products in a variety of scents. as well as standalone items, you can order a regular box every one, two, or three months. The box contains  Mystery Beard Oil 30ml, Mystery Moustache Wax 15ml, Mystery Beard Balm 75ml Or Beard Butter 50ml, Mystery 10ml Sample Beard Oil 10ml, and a Mystery Surprise Item.

Mu husband is growing out his beard for the winter, and he loves beard products, so the opinions here are his!

Your five goodies arrive in a sturdy cardboard box, which contains recyclable paper to prevent damage.

The first thing I can see is that the design has a funky retro/comic/body art design, which I think looks awesome.

As I said above, you get five items per box. Oncsociety has eight different varieties/scents, so we’re intrigued to see which ones have been selected.

First is Beard Balm – Bubblegum. Beard balm contains beeswax which means it is for styling with a light hold. As well as this, it also contains lovely things like shea and cocoa butters which provide ongoing moisture to your beard, which is especially good in drier climates.

Husband’s beard isn’t yet quite long enough for actual styling, but the balm feels lovely going on and has hold without stiffness.

What a colour!

Now you wouldn’t think that bubblegum would be the most obvious scent for men’s grooming products, but both my husband and I really liked it.

This is the full-size Beard Oil, in Outlaws scent, which is sweet rum and lime.

Husband loved this. It absorbed really smoothly and gave terrific moisture without any oiliness or greasiness at all. It’s quite common for beard oil to be, well, oily, but this one gave the beard hair lovely softness but didn’t leave a layer of grease on the skin.

As for the smell, well it’s really delicious. Masculine in all the right ways, but not harsh at all, a really lovely scent combination.

Another Outlaws scented item, this time Beard Butter. Similar to the balm, this provides a little hold with moisture to make the beard hair soft and manageable. Goes on smoothly, and again, what a gorgeous scent.

This would also be the Mystery Item.

This is Beard Wax in the Batchelor scent, which is Rhubarb and Vanilla. This is the one product husband couldn’t properly try, as his beard just isn’t long enough yet, and generally he keeps his beard groomed rather than actively styled. But apparently the texture feels good!

Once again the scent is very nice, slightly sweet and fruity without being feminine in any way.

Finally, the Beard Oil Sample, this time the Viking’s Blend. 

Now the insert doesn’t say what’s in this blend, but it’s absolutely wonderful. This was husband’s favourite scent of the four that were in the box, and again, the beard oil itself was extremely pleasant to use. No residue on the skin, and the fragrance lasted nicely without being overpowering.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

Well, I can say with complete confidence that husband loved these products. Not only are they perfectly timed for the winter beard growth, the scents were absolutely on point. We don't always agree on which scents we like for grooming products (because I have to smell them too) but on these we were totally together. We both thought they smelled fantastic. And while the scents were rich, they weren't heavy or intrusive, the balance was excellent. My only tiny sadness is that two of the products had the same (very nice) scent. Of course, with eight available it's not possible to try all of them in the a box of five items, but I do think it might have been nice to have each of them different. But that's such a minor thing. Husband thought they were all very pleasant to use, nothing too heavy but instead the perfect products for daily use. And he really appreciated that lack of greasiness! What great beard products, with awesome design as an extra bonus.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Onesociety Beard Box

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Onesociety Beard Box

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