Nomakenolife: April 2023 – Spring Beauty Secrets

This month Japanese and Korean beauty box nomakenolife is focussing on Haru, which means Spring, but also can mean to tighten or firm up. So this month’s box is all about firming and freshening the skin.

The menu booklet tells you all about each item and how it’s used.

JM Solution Collagen Ampoule Synergy Solution

This is a special intensive moisturising and firming treatment, which consists of hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid with botanic extracts and antioxidants. You mix the two together which creates a serum to apply to the entire face. It’s a remarkable treatment, it feels amazing and very rich. Serum treatment is usually part of a face mask. But this is something that can be used more easily, and there’s plenty in the bottle as well.

Denkyu Lip Tint (surprise makeup item), Kirei Factory Chameleon Plant Mist

There’s a surprise item in this month’s box, and I got this cute lip tint shaped like a light bulb! I’ve seen this type before, though in a different colour, and it’s very good. The colour is remarkably strong and it lasts an impressively long time.

The Plant Mist is a toning mist that can be used before regular skincare and again throughout the day if you need to freshen your face. The chameleon plant has been part of alternative medicine for centuries, but its use in skincare is quite recent. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it especially good for sensitive skin. It has a lovely fresh scent and a cooling effect on the skin.

Dolly Wink My Best Liner – Lavender, Spring Heart Juicy Cherry Tint, Con the Shiny Jelly Hair Mascara

Dolly Wink is a popular makeup brand in Japan which produces some marvellously fun cosmetics colours. The eyeliner has a brush tip for accuracy, and along with the striking colour is water and smudge proof. It’s perfect for drawing a dramatic line.

The lip tint is a slightly more subtle effect, and while it looks more dramatic on the packaging it can be clotted down to something more natural. It also moisturises, and has a slight shimmer to it which is very pretty.

Hair mascara isn’t something I’ve heard of, but rather than adding colour it’s used to add shine and to tame stray flyaway hair. This is unusual but actually very useful, especially if your hair is dry or prone to static. There’s no colour either, just a clear serum-like application with a brush that really does look exactly like a mascara brush.

Choosy Lip Pack Choco Mint Cream, Rune Girl Sheet Mask Set

It may be spring, but the weather is still cold enough for chapped lips! This intense moisturising gel lip pack is perfect for rehydrating cry lips, and it smells yummy too!

The retro design of the Rune Girl mask is from the original kawaii look inspiration from the 50s. As well as being a fascinating little glimpse of the history of kawaii culture, the mask itself is made with royal jelly for an extra moisturising effect.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

It's very nice to see lip packs popping up quite regularly in nomakenolife. I'm a constant user of lip balm, especially in the colder months, so they are also a lovely bonus treat for me. The collagen serum is amazing, it feels incredibly luxurious, and once again, as the cold lingers on it's lovely to have an intensive skin treatment like this. Having two lip tints is a bit of a bonus, especially as I favour them over lipstick. The freshening face mist is also lovely, and I think will be perfect as the weather starts to get warmer, as I really appreciate some face cooling when it gets warm, plus it's also very good for sun-exposed skin. All together this is a very nice selection this month with a terrific focus on skincare.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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