MyMeow: Box 12 Summer 2022 – Purrmula Fun

Summer kicks off with some racing fun for your kitty with this month’s MyMeow box in the most fantastic theme, Purrmula One!

There’s the usual fantastic selection of treats and toys for your furbaby. And once again a nod to the awesome illustrations, I don’t know who does MyMeow’s graphic design but they’re always witty and cute.

So let’s see what’s inside this month.

Ciao Churu Chicken Recipe, Ciao Churu Rolls

The Chicken Recipe treats are those lovely little pouches filled with delicious lickable cream. I’ve yet to meet a cat who doesn’t like this kind of treat, and they’re really useful for all kinds of things. You can hold the pouch while you cat licks, squeeze onto regular food, or put them on a lickimat for a calming treat (both cats and dogs find licking soothing).. Yummy stuff, and there grain-free.

The rolls are a firmer baked chicken paste tube with a tasty filling. I’ve got the cheese version, which is fab because my cat adores cheese, but there’s also a tuna filling. Again, these can be hand fed, and can also be used to hide pills. Like the other treats they’re grain free and made from natural ingredients.

Teaser Toy, Cuddler Toy, Shiny Toy with Catnip

Catching flying things is something all cats love, and rather than going after the birds in the garden, teaser toys are the perfect alternative. The ribbon is designed like the classic car race checkerboard, and on the end there’s an enticing fluffy ball and a bell. The little car, again with a fluffy feather bit, is perfect to throw around, and the shiny bird has different pieces and textures designed to be attractive, plus the catnip is guaranteed to make it a hit.

Purrari Scratcher

Instead of the regular flat cardboard scratchpad that’s in every MyMeow box, we’ve got a much bigger one this month! It’s shaped, which gives it plenty of interest, and you could even press little treats into the corrugated surface for your cat to find. Plenty of scratching fun. Plus of course there’s the pun-tactic design!

My kitty has finally stopped sulking after the arrival of our new puppy (mostly stopped anyway) and now deigns to play. Here she is enjoying the teaser toy. She loves these toys, and when I say it distracts cats from going after birds I’m talking from experience!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I do think it's clever how MyMeow come up with all these brilliant themes every month, and how they produce such excellent toys to go with them. Lots of fluffiness, which cats find irresistible, as well as catnip items. The treats are always lovely, much more healthy and high quality than most you buy in the supermarket, and I like being introduced to new brands. I also really enjoy all the different designs, and it's really useful to build up a collection of toys that you can swap around and rotate so kitty doesn't get bored with the same things. There's certainly plenty for her to enjoy here!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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