MyMeow: Box 11 Spring 2022 – Tropicat

This month’s box of kitty goodies is looking forward to summer with Tropicat!

I always have to mention the illustrations, because they’re different each month and always absolutely brilliant for the theme!

There’s always a great selection of toys and treats for your kitty, plus you can even enter a competition to win some more goodies!

The Innocent Cat Chicken & Duck Slices, Natural Eats Duck Fillet Mini Strips

The treats in My Meow are always of high quality, with real meat rather than a load of fillers. You might also notice that one of these is different from the ones shown on the menu above. That’s because the one on the menu are Salmon & Trout Sticks, but my kitty does not like fish. So this is a great opportunity to point out that when you subscribe you can tell My Meow if your kitty has any particular fusses (a cat be fussy? Never!) and they will do their very best to accommodate. So instead of the fish sticks I’ve got the duck slices, which my lovely cat adores.

Toucan Melody Chaser, Flamingo Finger Teaser

These two toys are totally with the tropical theme! The toucan makes a twittering noise, which will distract kitty nicely from going after all the real twittering things outside! The flamingo is on the end of a string, so you can drag it around for your cat to hunt. It also has temptingly dangling legs for those twitchy movements cats love to follow, as well as bells.

Cardboard tunnel, Odour Eliminator

This cardboard tunnel folds out to make a great place for kitty to play and hide. Cats love creeping thorough dark spaces, and when she’s finished (and it might get a bit ragged from those teeth and claws!) it can be recycled. The odour eliminator is fantastic, a reed diffuser specially formulated to remove pet smells! Even the most clean home can occasionally experience pet odour, so this is a lovely and stylish was to combat that, especially as the weather gets hotter.

Don’t forget at the bottom of every box is a recyclable cardboard scratch pad!

Now, here I would usually have a couple of pictures of my kitty enjoying her goodies. Unfortunately she is having a giant sulk because we just got a puppy, so she’s not cooperating with the camera. With any luck she will have gotten over it in a few weeks and will be feeling more like posing for the camera!

Our score: 9.6/ 10

I always love the treats in My Meow, and it's great having a selection of toys, as it means you can swap them round so kitty doesn't get bored. I have to say also that the odour eliminator is an absolutely brilliant addition, and I'm really glad to have it, especially when it gets hot because you have to stay REALLY on top of the litter tray situation, and every little helps! My kitty does love noisy toys, so I'll have some action shots next time! Overall, a terrific theme with some really well-thought-out items to treat your fur baby.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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