MyMeow: Box 1

Anyone who owns a cat knows they rule the home and their owners are their willing servants! We also love to treat our furbabies, and the MyMeow box is designed to give you beloved kitty a bunch of goodies every single month.

This box is the first one you will be sent, and it always contains the same things, rather like a starter kit. Subsequent months will be a surprise, though they will always contain treats, toys and general goodies. When you subscribe you give your cat’s age and things such as preferences and allergies so your treats will always be tailored to your cat.


The box is super cute! I love the fun branding, and inside it’s all wrapped up with great cat party paper! This is extra fun if you have a cat who loves to chew paper.

There’s a lovely magazine inside. You’ve got a welcome note, and more explanation of how the subscription works.

There’s also some nice information, both light and useful, including recipes, and health and behaviour articles. The scratching thing is particularly pertinent!

As an extra bonus in the box, underneath the party wrapping paper is this cardboard slab, which is designed to be an eco-friendly scratching pad for your cat. The texture of the cardboard is very appealing, and when they have clawed it up completely you just pop it in the recycling. And it might keep them from scratching the good furniture!

KittyRade Isotonic Drink

I must admit I’ve never heard of such a thing for cats! However I do know that it’s very important for cats to stay hydrated, and this is especially so if they eat dry food, as they naturally take most of their hydration from food. I can’t speak for any official medical benefits but my cat seemed to like it, no doubt because it’s flavoured like chicken. It also contains ingredients such as taurine which are essential for cats.

Trixie Soft Grass

You might have noticed your cat occasionally eats grass, and while this may seem odd for a carnivore, it can actually help their digestion and eliminate hairballs. If kitty goes outside then they can always nibble the lawn, but if you have an indoor cat, or even if you want to be sure they’re not eating anything nasty from the grass, this is a really neat way to give them access to grass. It comes in a little tray to plant so they can have their own little patch indoors, and of course it might be nice to play with too!

Nature’s Menu Cat Treats

These are really excellent treats, made from 95% meat, in this case fish. The high meat content is very important because many treats are stuffed full of grain and carbs, which is not good for cats. They’re carnivores! My kitty isn’t wild about fish but she liked these, which is definitely a win.

Rosewood Natural Eats Chicken Fillet Mini Strips

As you can see my cat went crazy for these! As the previous treats these are extremely high in actual meat with just the tiniest minimum of fibre filler. The bag is also a decent size, so there’s plenty to last. A super successful treat.

Trixie Snack Ball

Perfectly sized for those fish treats, this is a little rolling ball you can fill with treats and they fall out as the ball rolls along.

Cat Tunnel.

Most cats adore exploring and hiding in narrow spaces, such as behind the sofa or under the dresser. This is a fun pop-out tunnel for your cat to play with. It’s a good two feet long when open but conveniently folds closed when you don’t want to have it taking up space on the floor. There’s even a cute little cat-shaped velcro loop to keep it in one piece.

One Happy Cat


Our score: 9.8/ 10

I think this is an excellent first selection of goodies for your precious cat! I like the mix of treats and toys, and the magazine had some really useful information inside. I also liked the recipe for kitty biscuits, such a fun idea. The biggest hit was definitely the cat tunnel and the chicken treats. I've not seen that brand of treats before so I'll definitely keep a look out for them. I'm also impressed at the quality of the treats in general, very high in meat content rather than the cheap kind which are mostly filler. The scratch pad at the bottom of the box is also a very clever addition and shows a really thoughtful approach to a cat subscription, as cats like to scratch all the time. My already slightly spoiled kitty has certainly had a lovely couple of days, and I'm very pleased to have a great stash of treats and fun things to keep her occupied this month. This is an excellent subscription for cats and their humans, and we can't wait to see what next month will bring!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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My Meow

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My Meow

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