My Geek Box – April 2020

My Geek Box – April 2020

My Geek Box is exactly as it sounds – a box of geeky stuff! There’s no theme or menu, you simply get a selection of items from a huge assortment of geeky franchises.

It costs from £19.99 a month, including postage.

Items vary every month, but there’s always a t-shirt! This month’s shirt is an officially licensed Harry Potter design, showing a dragon with her egg. It’s a cool design, and it’s also 100% cotton, nice quality.

This is called an Eekeez figure. This line of figures started about three years ago. Instead of the more common PVC, they are made from resin and designed to look as if they have been carved out of wood.

They come in a variety of franchises, including movies, comics, and sports personalities.

This one is from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, and is a figure of Master Splinter.


There are actually two Eekees figures in this month’s box. The second is from Marvel and is  Black Panther.

These figures are readily available from various online stores, and usually retail between £10 – 15.

They’re quite fun, and I like the idea of the carved wood look, the detailing is pretty good. I’m not a Ninja Turtle fan though, and while I love Marvel I prefer other characters.

The last item this month is a Game of Thrones journal. I have to say that as an item it’s very nice, it’s practical (which I love) and the quality is nice. There’s an elastic piece to hold it closed, a bookmark, and the pages have a space for the day, date and weather, so it really is a nicely designed journal.

On the other hand, this exact same item was in the box for December, and I think five months is too short a time for repeat items.


Our score: 7.0/ 10

On the whole I'm not so impressed this month. I do love the t-shirt, but I don't like that there are two of the same type of item, and I don't like seeing item repeats (the journal). I do realise that things like delivery lead times are tricky at the moment, but it still feels a bit desperate, especially the two Eekeez figures. Also there are only four items in this box, unlike the usual five. Of course the technical value is still above the £20 box price, but I think that value should be more than the retail cost of items.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality5
  • Packaging and delivery7
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products6

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My Geek Box

  • Full of geek culture
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My Geek Box

  • Full of geek culture
  • From £17.99