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As one of the first champions of letterbox flower subscriptions in the UK, Bloom & Wild has been delivering fresh flowers through Royal Mail since 2013.

The process is simple. All you have to do is decide on which subscription service you would like, and what date you choose for your first delivery. The letterbox flowers are sent through Royal Mail’s Tracked delivery service for next day delivery, or through Royal Mail First class.

Bloom & Wild offer a small range of flower subscription services:

  • Letterbox flower subscriptions, which arrive in boxes narrow enough to fit through your letterbox or mail slot
  • Luxe letterbox flower subscription, which includes premium blooms
  • Hand-tied flower subscription, which is designed by an in-house florist and delivered through the mail (but will not fit through a letterbox)

Once you’ve decided how long you’d like to commit to the subscription for, you can look forwards to fresh flowers straight from your letterbox.

Bloom & Wild’s seasonal bouquets are designed by their in-house florists and change depending on the season.

What we like about Bloom & Wild

If you’re new to flower subscription services and wary of booking through an online company, their reviews should ease your mind. Bloom & Wild have a veritable army of satisfied customers.

We particularly like the fact that, although you cannot specify the flowers you want, they do a pet-safe flower subscription. It’s a great way to know that your beloved four legs won’t be at risk of rubbing up against any lilies.

Bloom & Wild also offers some seriously thoughtful marketing – it’s great to see a flower subscription service factor in the different feelings people might have about mother’s day, and encouraging people to do better.


  • Gift Subscriptions of 3, 6, 12 months start at £60
  • Pay as you Go every 7, 14, or 28 days, beginning at £20

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Bloom & Wild

  • Send flowers
  • From £50

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Bloom & Wild

  • Send flowers
  • From £50