The 12 Best DIY Meal Kits to Try in the UK

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For most of us, we didn’t know the importance of meal kits until we were indoors. If we recall correctly, the pandemic forced everyone to stay inside their houses. Likewise, public places like the cinemas, restaurants, and resorts had to close down temporarily. It crippled all our normal daily activities.

For some of us who love eating at restaurants, then this period must have been doubly hard. We had no option but to forfeit tasty meals for safety. While some restaurants are yet to open, some others are open with limited operations or for takeaway only.

The good news is, we can now eat all our favourite meals right from home. All we need to do this is a DIY meal kit. Of course, these home-made meals can’t replace the taste and atmosphere of a restaurant. However, they can be an excellent stop-gap option. In this article, we review the 12 best meal kits to try in the UK.

DIY Meal Kits for a Specific Menu

Some restaurants offer meal kits for specific meals. Let’s identify meal kits in the UK for particular menu options:

Patty & Bun lockdown DIY kits

Incredible hamburger Meal Kits

For those who love a taste of Patty & Bun’s burger, their meal kits are a godsend. For vegans, this DIY meal kit has options most people enjoy. In total, there are about eight (8) meal kits available. All of these eight kits are available between the price range of £15 and £33.00

The Dishoom bacon naan roll Meal Kits

Yes, we can actually make bacon naan rolls in our kitchens. With the meal kits from Dishoom, we can make a bacon naan roll easily. The kit comes with all the necessary ingredients and a cooking guide for the meal.

There’s an extra plus: any time we purchase this meal kit, we provide meals for children in the UK. That’s because Dishoom donates a meal to a charity organisation, Magic Breakfast, for every purchase.

Cheese Fondue Kit for 2

A fondue diy kit

Almost everybody loves the signature Coolea and Cornish Kern Fondue from Cheese Bar in London. And for residents in the UK, we can now have this menu option in the form of a meal kit.

To cook it, we may need a fondue burner, but if we don’t have one, a regular pan also works. This meal kit comes with a sourdough loaf with wine and kirsch as available add-ons. Likewise, we get a detailed guide directly from the founder of Cheese Bar, Mathew. With all of these features, these DIY meal kits sell at £28.00 each.

Design your own hot doughnut sundae kit

The aroma and taste of hot doughnuts is a marvel. Thanks to the Treat Club meal kit, we have all the necessary ingredients to make doughnut at home.

We will need a saucepan and unflavoured oil to make a hot doughnut. This kit comes with full cooking instructions to guide us in the kitchen. Furthermore, we can choose to pick up the meal kit or enjoy the benefits of doorstep delivery. The product sells for £18.50.

Le Swine D.I.Y kit

Le Swine is a household name in the UK for bacon sandwiches. The meal kits they provide come with ingredients to make delicious sandwiches in our homes.

Also, we get vouchers with these meal kits. With the vouchers, we can redeem free meals wherever Le Swine trucks are cooking. The prices for the Le Swine DIY meal kits are as follows:

  • DIY meal kit for 2 – £12.00
  • DIY meal Kit for 4- £22.50
  • The ultimate brunch kit for 4 – £32.00

DIY shoryu Meal Kits

Fans of Japanese cuisine in the UK can enjoy this DIY meal kit for local dishes. It comes with the vital ingredients to make favourite shoryu dishes from Japan. Each shoryu dish meal costs between £20.00 to £28.00

Passo pizza kits

A great Meal Kit to make pizza at home

This meal kit offers a portion of Passo’s most well-known pizzas. The ingredients are fresh and calculated carefully, and we can get the DIY meal kit via doorstep delivery.

Simply follow the instructions and make favourite pizza meals in a frying pan or oven. The price range for all pizza meal kits from Passo is between £14.00 – £27.00.

DIY Meal Kits Subscriptions

For some restaurants, they want customers to subscribe to their meal kits. Most of these subscriptions are monthly. For a small fee, we can get the ingredients to make different dishes delivered every month.

There are some great options, some of which are;

Hello Fresh Meal Kits

Hellofresh is one of the most popular meal kit in the UK

Sometimes, we have a long day at work and can’t visit the grocery stores or restaurants. When this happens, we may end up sleeping hungry or eating junk food. However, with a Hello Fresh subscription, the narrative changes.

We can now get monthly meal kits in the UK for prices starting from just £3.44. Likewise, we have about thirty-one (31) menu options to choose from. With this subscription, we save money and have a healthy variety of food.

Simply Cook

Cooking is fun, especially when foreign dishes are involved. But when we subscribe with Simply cook, we have about 100 recipe options to choose from. That way, we get to try out all those new meals we see online. Also, we get a £3.00 trial for four recipes.

Gousto Recipe

Love trying out new meals? Then, subscribe to these kits from Gousto. When we subscribe to Gousto’s meal kit, we have a variety and quality of meal in just the right proportion.

All we need is to choose our recipes and wait for weekly deliveries. One more advantage is all recipes have the correct measurements. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about extra grocery runs. Examples of meal options include American Chicken Burger, Beef Noodle Soup and Risotto Bolognese.

Mindful Chef

All meal kits at Mindful Chef undergo professional nutritional checks. As a result, all our meals don’t just have a great taste but will have essential nutrients. And in the UK, these meal kits come with free delivery.

To get started, we have sixteen options to pick from, with many vegan options. Furthermore, their recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free. And, the subscriptions are cancellable at any time.

All Plants

Vegan meal kits

The meal kits from this brand are strictly for vegans. Likewise, for vegans who don’t like cooking, these kits are perfect. Once we subscribe, our meal is in the hands of professional chefs.

All we have to do is choose the recipes and specifications, then wait for the food. We can get all these at our doorstep for as low as £40.50 for six servings.


Meal kits may have come into vogue because of the pandemic, but they’re here to stay. We know people love to cook tasty meals in their houses.

Whatever the kind of meal and preference, there’s no need to stress. These meal kits will provide the ingredients and guide we need to cook tasty dishes. In the list above, we can find different options including local, international and menu options. Enjoy!

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