• Vegan meals
  • From £40.50

Getting tasty chef-made plant-based meals just got easier than ever before. With the Allplants subscription box, you can now get to enjoy a monthly supply of restaurant-standard meals made by professional chefs using only plants in the preparation process.

This, of course, makes the meals suitable for vegetarians. However, the meals are not limited to only vegans and can be enjoyed by everyone. All meals are made from real, whole-food ingredients.

Established to ensure the availability of tasty and convenient 100% plant-based meals, Allplants allows subscribers to enjoy a wide array of plant-based recipes right in the comfort of their homes. Professional chefs prepare all the meals, and you are responsible for choosing the meals that make up your box.

Allplants offers several luxurious plant-based meals. Some of these meals include Rigatoni Bolognese,
Super Green Rissotto, BBQ Burito Bowl and several others. All the recipes are crafted to achieve a fine balance between health and taste. The meals are prepared by chefs and taste-tested to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

How It Works

Choose Your Dishes

The first step in the Allplants meals subscription box is selecting your preferred meals from the Allplants itinerary. For each box, you can choose up to six meals from the over 22 meals available.


Once you have finalized the meals in your subscription box, all you have to do is wait for your delivery at a convenient time.
You can make changes anytime- Also, in the event that you’d like to make changes to your order or cancel totally, you can do this at any point in the time.

Pricing Plans

The Allplants plant-based meals are charged per serving. However, the basic pricing plans of these servings are;

1 person: £40.50 (£6.75 per serving)
2 people: £59.88 (£4.99 per serving).

Why Choose the Allplants Subscription Box?

Tasty satisfaction at your convenience

Apart from being 100% plant-based, all the meals from Allplants are prepared by professional chefs and are ensured to meet up with satisfactory standards with respect to both taste and freshness. You can get to enjoy all this at the convenience of your home.

Menu Personalization

Not a lot of food subscription boxes offer subscribers the chance to choose the content of their boxes exclusively. By choosing your meals, you get to enjoy your preferences within the comfort of your home. The meals are delivered frozen to lock in the taste and nutrition of the meals.

This way, you can have each of the meals whenever you want without the taste of any of the meals being compromised. All you need to do is heat the meal whenever you’re ready to have the meal.

Sustainably Produced

Right from production to the delivery, the entire process involved in getting the meal to you is designed to protect the planet. All the collection and preparation processes are eco-friendly, and Allplants prides itself as one of the few brands that consciously preserve the earth and offer tasty meals at the same time.

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  • Vegan meals
  • From £40.50

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  • Vegan meals
  • From £40.50