Lootaku – September 2019 ROBO INVASION (Gundam/Mazinger/Gurren Lagann)

Lootaku is a premium monthly subscription based service to fulfill everybody’s geeky addictions. Our box features full figure statues and Asia exclusives that you will not find in any other subscription box. We promise no filler or promotional items, and our values are always based on current cheapest prices on Amazon.

Prices and values on the Lootaku website are given US dollars. A one month subscription is $44.99 (three and six month subscriptions are cheaper). This is around £35 and UK Shipping is $17.66, around £14. Slightly pricey, but this is a premium box. Also it’s coming a long way and it’s a big box!

So a 1 month subscription is going to cost you around £49.

I love the big treasure chest-style box!

This month’s box features three animes, all centered around robots.

There’s one premium figure in this month’s box, a Banpresto Mobile Suit Gundam Internal Structure RX-78-2.

This amazing figure shows both the inside and outside of the Gundam RX-78-2 suit. It’s really effective and looks amazing, with half of the colourful suit and the other as a semitransparent internal structure.

This is a mini figurem also from Gundam, a Bandai FW Gundam Converge #15. It’s one of a possible six, and I have Gundam RX-F91.

We’ve got another unusual but useful item this month, a Mazinger Z Fleece Blanket! It was a bit big to take a picture of the whole thing, but it’s lovely and soft, and a decent size at 100 x 150 cm, perfect for snuggling in the cold winter! It’s also exclusive to Lootaku.

This month’s t-shirt is a crossover between Macross and Akira. This lovely shirt is excellent quality as always, thick 100% cotton, and it’s also a numbered limited edition.

The pin wasn’t in the box due to a manufacturing error.

But it looks like it’s going to be a good one!

Here’s the menu card, which shows all the items and their values.


Our score: 8.8/ 10

This is a nice mix of items. I'm less familiar with this month's franchises, but I love it when they include practical items, so I especially love the blanket! The figure is a a really interesting one, and it's also not officially released until November, so it's fantastic to get your hands on these figures early. I'm also looking forward to the pin, Lootaku almost never skips items, but on the very rare occasions it happens they are extremely good about sending them out, so I'm not concerned, happy to wait a couple of weeks!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products9

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