Gym+ Box – The Gym Plus Box

Gym+ Box – The Gym Plus Box

I always find it so exciting to discover new subscription boxes and one of the latest to be launched is called Gym+. As the name may suggest, this box is described as the ultimate subscription box to help you to achieve your gym and fitness goals. Gym+ offers a range of different themed boxes to suit all levels of fitness and each one is packed full of new and exciting products for you to try out.

Gym+ also ensure that the value of the contents of each box is always much higher than the monthly subscription box fee, so it represents fantastic value for money – a must-have for gym goers everywhere!

To give you an example of what you can expect from Gym+, they kindly sent me their first ever box which launched back in March. Here’s what was inside:-

Quaker Oat So Simple Original x 2

I’m a big fan of porridge for breakfast and these two sachets of Quaker Oat So Simple will come in handy for those busy mornings when I haven’t got much time. These individually portioned out sachets are super convenient – just tip the oats into a bowl, add your favourite type of milk or plant-based alternative into the sachet, pour into the bowl, mix and pop in the microwave. It’s ready in just two minutes and this Original flavour is low in processed sugar.

Blackfriars Porridge Oat Bar in Cocoa, Cranberry & Orange

If you need something even faster for breakfast, this Porridge Oat Bar from Blackfriars is a brilliant grab and go option. It’s dairy and gluten free and has a delicious chocolate and fruity flavour – yum!

Nutripot in Quattro Formaggi Pasta

For a quick and easy lunch or post-workout snack, these Nutripots are an ultra convenient meal to have in your cupboard. Available in a range of different flavours, each one contains over 50% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. I enjoyed this Quattro Formaggi Pasta pot which was ready in just three minutes.

Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Shake in Cookies & Cream

Packing in a whopping 24g of protein per serving, this ready to drink shake is best enjoyed 30 minutes after a workout to refuel your body and helps to repair your muscles. It’s low in sugar and comes in six different flavours. I received the Cookies & Cream one to try out in this box and it was like an oreo shake!

Muscle Moose Juice in Mojito

This quirky pre-workout energy drink is free from sugar and aspartame, and it’s full of beneficial BCAAs which help your muscles to work harder during your gym session. The caffeine also gives you a natural energy kick so it’s a good one to try before your next full body day.

High 5 Energy Gel in Orange

Popular with runners, energy gels are a convenient way of keeping you going during exercise and this sachet from High 5 Energy provides 30mg of caffeine for a real boost to your workout!

Buff Bake Protein Sandwich Cookies in Double Chocolate and Snickerdoodle

Have a sweet tooth? You must try these! Made by Buff Bake, these Protein Sandwich Cookies are gluten-free and contain 12g of protein per pack. I really liked both of these flavours but I think the Snickerdoodle won me over the most as I haven’t come across anything like this before so it was interesting (and tasty!) to try out.

For Goodness Shakes Protein Shake in Chocolate

Next up, I found a bottle of For Goodness Shakes Protein Shake in their bestselling Chocolate flavour. Each bottle contains 25g of protein and it’s a great size to take with you to the gym to refuel and repair those muscles after an intense workout.

Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Fudge Brownie

Brownies needn’t be off the table when you’re trying to get fit – just treat yourself to one of these high-protein brownies from Grenade instead! Intensely thick and chocolatey, it’s a satisfying snack that’s better for you and contains a lot less sugar and carbs.

Nestle Yorkie Pro

A new and exclusive product for Gym+ subscribers to try – this is the brand new Yorkie Pro from Nestle which is their high-protein take on the original Yorkie bar. It tastes very similar to a regular Yorkie with a thick chocolate layer but it contains crispy protein pieces and has 10g of protein per bar – yum!

Phone Charger

In each month’s box, you’ll find a Gym Accessory and by popular demand, Gym+ have included a phone charger so that you never run out of battery when you’re listening to your favourite tunes in the gym.

At the bottom of the box, I found a really useful booklet which is full of weekly workout planners and tasty recipes to make!

Our score: 9.2/ 10

Wow, what an amazing selection of high-protein/healthy products! A fantastic launch box from Gym+ and I look forward to seeing the brand develop!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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