Gus & Bella – Festival Kitty – May 2022

I love treating my kitty, but I have to admit that I like treats myself! Fortunately, Gus & Bella have found the perfect combination with their kitty subscription box that includes goodies for their owners too.

This month’s box is themed Festival Kitty in anticipation of sunny days and outdoor events that are on their way.

As you can see, the box is presented beautifully, and inside is a little leaflet that tells you about the goodies inside. This is especially useful for the cat treats, so you know exactly what you’ll be giving to your furbaby.

On the right you can see. what is underneath the tissue. (There’s more under the white shred!) I’ll admit now that I read Festival Catnip Kickers as ‘Festival Catnip Knickers’. This threw me for a moment, but then I read it again. It was definitely Kickers.

First, some goodies for the humans. Technically the first are for both owner a kitty – a matching bow and scrunchie set. They are such cute flowery material, and scrunchies are really useful accessories to have around. The bow is also lovely, and while my cat’s attitude to being dressed up varies, I’m sure I’ll be able to persuade her into it at some point! (And that failing, we are also getting a puppy soon, and you can bet he’ll be trying it on!

The other side is a coffee bag – perfect for those early mornings when kitty demands an early breakfast – and a very cute Simon’s Cat Handbag Mirror. The mirror opens up so you have two surfaces, one more magnified than the other. Simon’s Cat is a very funny cartoon which every cat owner will identify with immediately!

The other is a Cat Print Purse. I’ve actually given this a series of pictures to itself because it’s absolutely brilliant! When I saw purse listed in the insert leaflet I assumed it would be one of those little zipped coin pouches, which are lovely and handy but can’t find much in. But no, this is a proper-sized purse, with a section for a ton of cards and picture IDs (or photos of your fur baby!), plus receipts or whatever other bits of paper you carry around, plus another zipped section for change etc.

On to kitty. Four treats this month, three to eat and one to drink!

The dry food bags and the wet food pouch is by husse, which is a Scandinavian brand the specialises in high-quality nutritionally balanced cat food, as well as supplements and accessories.  (They also the same for dogs and horses.). There are two small packs of kibble, in their Digest and Urinary types. These are a great introduction to the brand as these work well for pretty much any adult cat, though they also do more specialised items.

The pouch is their wet food, also nutritionally balanced, and the variety I have here is the Beef and Vegetables. This is one of four varieties they do, and very useful for me as my kitty is a big fan of beef!

The KittyRade drink is actually something I’ve come across before. It’s an isotonic drink for cats, and while you might think ‘what’s wrong with just water?’, cats are not a great fan of drinking, so this is a great way to get a little more hydration. My cat, after initial suspicion, actually really likes this, and I just give a good plug every few days.

And remember the knickers?

And there they are! Not at all like knickers, they are in fact little pouches filled with catnip with crazy colourful feathers on the end. If your cat likes catnip (and they almost all do) she will go crazy for these! I could smell them even thorough the wrapping. Cats also love feathers, and these are definitely a crazy fun treat.

My funny kitty took it into her bed and spent an awfully long time nibbling it and grooming the feather. She’s a very fluffy cat, so maybe the catnip gave her a little trip and she thought she had grown particularly colourful fur!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

This really is a marvellous subscription box. From the high-quality goodies for your furbaby to the thoughtful and similarly quality goodies for you, I am once again really blown away by the high standards. I've got lovely new food for my cat to try, a new purse (yay!) and scrunchie, plus a great cup of coffee. And no knickers in sight!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Gus & Bella

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