Degusta Box – February 2016

Degusta Box February

This month’s Degusta Box is pretty much one big box of treats. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Divine Fairtrade Chocolate

DivineRich, smooth chocolate with delicious fillings. Do you need to know more?

The dark chocolate is 65% dark, so it’s a rich and satisfying treat, which is then also filled with soft caramel filling. The milk chocolate is equally as tasty, though it is a lot sweeter. I don’t know if these are new on the market, but I’ve certainly never seen them before. They are a fantastic snack time treat and each 40g, 5 square bar has the added benefit of being Fairtrade, so you know you’re supporting something good too! If you like Caramello bears, these are the better alternative.

Chili Crisps

RitzThe Chilli Crisps were that. They were spicy enough to warm the cockles without being insanely hot. I am not normally a fan of chillies and very hot spices and these didn’t upset my taste buds too much, so they are spicy, but not painful.

A little like crackers, but in a crunchier  style, they leave a warm after taste and are well shaped for dipping if you want a nice cooling cream cheese with that.

Hartley’s Fruit in Jelly

HartleysWe received two pots each of the Peach in Strawberry and Cranberry and Raspberry Fat Free jellies. I loved the peach in strawberry. It was deliciously tangy full of soft peach – not skimpy portions at all. The small 120g pot is sufficiently satisfying if you just fancy a little something sweet.

The Cranberry and Raspberry is nice too, but as with all ‘fat free’ or sugar free puddings, it has a really strong Aspartame after taste, which I don’t like. If you’re usually a diet food connoisseur or drink diet drinks you won’t notice it.

London Crisps

london crispsI love these London crisps – they are definitely on my buy again list. They are as they should be: crispy, crunchy, fresh and the flavour is tart and bold, without being eye watering. But just writing about it has made my mouth water.  Fantastic flavour.

I love the packaging too – images of London landmarks on the packaging? Love it!


j20This came in two flavours. Apple and Watermelon and Apple and Raspberry flavours.

The Apple and Watermelon is very refreshing, but a very light flavour – as you’d expect from watermelon. It would be a perfect way to cut wine for a spritzer, or any gently flavoured drink, like vodka, but it’s equally good on it’s own. You can look like you’re drinking bubbly, even if you’re not.

I really loved the Apple and Raspberry. It has a tangy freshness to it, which, while still a very light and mild flavour, really comes through and is quite delicious.

Breakfast bars


There were three types of bars in this month’s Degusta Box.

The Beloved Date and Seed bar was a clear favourite. It was earthy in all it’s seedy flavour, and we really enjoyed that one. It was stills sweet, but not as sickly sweet as the Date and Berry Bar.

The Date and Berry Bar is also really good, but very sweet. There’s an immediate berry flavour that lingers, and it’s very more-ish.

The Kipling Cranberry Orange and Oat bars come in packs of 4 and are more cake than breakfast bar, but still oaty enough to pass for breakfast. Sort of. There’s a strong orange aroma as you open the package, and the immediate flavour you get from it is orange, with hints of cranberry throughout.  Very rich, these are a great tea-time treat.

Nari Palm Juice


This was a new one on me, the Nari Palm Juice and verdict was split with my youngest loving it and my oldest disliking it. While it’s called a palm juice, it’s only 13% palm (sustainably sourced)  and the majority is apple – which is ironically the one flavour you can’t really pick out in the drink. The first discernible flavour is lemon, which brings a tart zing to it, then the after taste is strongly mint. It’s very, very refreshing, as a drink, and I really like it.

Another product in the box was Sarson Malt Vinegar, which is incredibly hard to review! It’s a very strong vinegar, perfect for things that need vinegar.

Nutribix Breakfast Cereal


A great start to the day, Nutribix breakfast cereal are nutritional bars of sorghum and oat, rye, wheat and rice, dotted with tasty bits of coconut, honey and berries throughout. The idea is to have it with milk or yoghurt as a breakfast, but my kids actually enjoyed it as a dry bar too – just don’t let them eat it in the car, it’ll take you forever to pick up all the crumbs!

Our score: 9.0/ 10

Loads of delicious treats and goodies for Spring time treats.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8.5
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9.5
  • Selection of products9

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