CocoaCrave Review

CocoaCrave Review

IMG_7360CocoaCrave is a subscription box concept devised by Matt and Geri, a couple eager to share their passion for luxury chocolates with their subscribers. Each chocolate is made from the finest ingredients available and deftly prepared by master chocolatiers to ensure that a consistent standard is enjoyed by their customers.

Every Chocolate Club box contains 24 chocolates:  four pieces of six varieties. The selection in my box was safe for most palates- milk chocolate was prominently represented, save for one with a white chocolate shell. I was expecting a more diverse and adventurous spectrum, but quickly discovered that the true value of these chocolates is found in their fillings and the textures.

Every chocolate is named and designated characteristics based on the ingredients and balances of flavour or bite. The box unfortunately did not include a booklet to allow for an educated selection, but descriptions of each variety are available on the CocoaCrave website (
IMG_7365The CocoaCrave Chocolate Club unboxed:

  • 4 x ‘Alejandro’ chocolates;
  • 4 x ‘Jane’ chocolates;
  • 4 x ‘Steve’ chocolates;
  • 4 x ‘Mikey’ chocolates;
  • 4 x ‘Victoria’ chocolates; and
  • 4 x ‘Liberty’ chocolates.

IMG_7364The packaging of the CocoaCrave box is clever- it’s designed to not only hold all of the chocolates and easily fit through a mail slot, but the pieces are also compartmentalised into six smaller boxes inside. The idea is that this is a portion size that can be transported or conveniently grabbed when a craving hits. This is a hopeful conceit, but there might be some beneficial psychological effect of limiting one’s exposure to all 24 pieces at once! Optimism aside, it is useful to slip a single box into a lunch bag or desk drawer.

With first impressions and design deliberated, the real crux of the CocoaCrave box can now be examined: the chocolates themselves.

IMG_7363Visually, the Alejandro is the most ornate piece, promising a ganache hugged in a milk chocolate cup, topped with a dusting of cocoa nibs. It’s very good, balancing a silky interior with the subtle bite of the nibs. It’s one of the most attractive and easily devoured chocolates in the selection.

The Jane is not as complex. It’s reminiscent of a typical milk chocolate, but it does redeem itself with a pleasant praline filling. The Steve is another crowd-pleaser flavour combination, matching a milk chocolate exterior with hazelnut and caramel filling and topped with a scattering of pistachio. It’s another easily palatable treat.
Mikey had my attention from the moment I opened my box: a sugar dusted ball that promised a rich, gooey interior. I wasn’t disappointed at first bite when I was greeted with oozing sweet caramel. Compounded with a sugar coated milk chocolate shell, this is one for those with a sweet tooth- the filling is glorious, but I felt it could be tempered with a darker and slightly bitter coating.

IMG_7362My partiality towards richer chocolate was somewhat quenched with Liberty, another milk chocolate piece complemented with dark chocolate swirls and a praline centre- it is similar to the Jane, but has a more interesting depth of flavours and cinnamon undertones. The Victoria is coated with a white chocolate shell, but the surprise inside is discernible upon inspection- a milk chocolate filling is visible from the underside of the piece. The centre is flavoured with mocha and a textural bite of nuts.
The CocoaCrave Chocolate Club box is a solid introduction into the world of luxury chocolate. For £15.95 a month (including shipping), subscribers receive 24 handmade pieces. My box was a benign selection of chocolates that guaranteed none would be neglected by picky indulgers; there were no sickly sweet fruit fillings or impossibly claggy toffee pieces and even the milk chocolate is silky smooth and not overly sweet.

IMG_7361CocoaCrave currently boasts over 100 flavours and I would be interested in sampling more exotic choices- personally, I appreciate bold flavour combinations and rich, dark chocolates to savour. I think subtle components- a hint of salted caramel, chili or milk chocolate infused with surprising elements such as basil or balsamic for instance- might help differentiate their products from other artisan chocolates on the market. However, I know that straying too far from easily palatable flavours would potentially be divisive and fundamentally veers from the idea of satisfying a sudden craving!

Finally, as an indecisive individual by nature, I do like a helpful booklet to ensure that I make the best selection possible- the element of surprise is perhaps lost on me. There is a small card affixed underneath the compartment boxes with an ingredient list, but this is not insightful enough for me and my ‘fear of missing out’ nature.

Notwithstanding my personal taste, this is a lovely gift for the chocolate lover in your life. Be warned, however – you might find yourself unable to consume cheap vending machine staples after being exposed to more refined samplings.

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Love trying new chocolate? Then CocoaCrave is perfect for you!

CocoaCrave was created so that the creators, Matt and Geri, could share their experiences and introduce you  into a world of great tasting chocolates.

Matt embraced his passion for chocolate and would surprise Geri with unique chocolate when she needed it most. They discovered a shared passion for great tasting chocolate, but soon grew tired of the same thing. That’s when they decided to go to chocolate festivals to hunt down the best chocolates.

Satisfying your chocolate crave is their passion, get started with the CocoaCrave Chocolate Club. 


Luxury Chocolate Club

£15.95 / month

Make sure you use coupon code ‘Crave’ for a 1/3 off your first box.

Delivery is always free for UK orders.

None at the moment.

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Cocoa Crave

  • Great tasting chocolate
  • From £15.95

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Cocoa Crave

  • Great tasting chocolate
  • From £15.95