9 Cheap subscription Boxes to Try in the UK

Cheap subscription boxes in the UK exist! For most of us, we’re always on the hunt for boxes that offer good value for money. Well, this is the right place for us to find the answers we’re looking for.

Considering everything that has happened during the last months, carefully curated boxes containing tasty food recipes, beauty care items, or yummy treats are enough to make most of us smile. The best part is that some of these subscriptions are insanely cheap!

In this post, we discuss subscription boxes that offer a free trial. Some of the boxes on this list provide huge discounts on the first month. Whichever it is, it’s an excellent opportunity for us to try out subscription boxes without hurting where it counts — our wallets.

How Can I Get Cheap Subscription Boxes?

To get cheap subscription boxes, there are 4 options we can explore.

  • Special Offers: Some boxes offer the first month free with a commitment of up to a year. Examples of cheap subscription boxes in the UK that offer this deal are BirchBox (From £12.95) and Glossybox (From £13.25).
  • Referral Programs: Some subscription boxes offer free trials after a certain number of referrals.
  • Influencer Program: For people with huge social media following, it is possible to get the first box free in the UK. More so, if there is a willingness to promote the subscription box with the said platform.

What Are the best Cheap Subscription Boxes?

Looking to get the Cheap Subscription Boxes in the UK? Check out the website of these popular subscriptions.

Beauty Boxes

The Boxes offered by the following brand include fantastic beauty product offerings.

1. Birchbox From £12.95

Birchbox: one of the best cheap subscription Boxes that you can get

Birchbox offers an excellent option for subscribers to keep up with beauty trends. Each box from this brand comes with 5 different samples from different beauty categories. Also, every product is handpicked and comes with helpful tips for using them.

2. Glossybox From £13.25

Subscribers can expect to enjoy 5 highly-rated products. Typically, the combined price of these products is over £50!

3. Lookfantastic From £13

lookfantastic Beauty Box Subscription

Beauty enthusiasts can get up to 6 amazing products that will enhance daily routines. From facial cleansers to hair products.

Kids Boxes

Our kids deserve freebies too. Thankfully, there are cheap subscription boxes for kids in the UK too. The brands on this list offer carefully curated packages just for kids.

4. ToucanBox From £5.95

Each box comes with unique materials to help our children create, learn, and play. If we want, we can even personalise the box with kid names. Each first-month offer includes unique crafts, stickers, a reading book, and simple instructions.

5. Kiwico From £26.95

The Kiwico subscription box has fun crafting items to help kids express their creativity. It’s the ideal box to wake up the creative instincts in our kids. What’s more, it offers bundles of fun too!

6. MEL Science From £29.90

This is one of the few subscription boxes in the UK that focuses on science for kids. Each box contains materials needed to carry out fun, science experiments. There’s also VR and AR elements to help kids dive deeper into science.

Food Boxes

Our taste buds are not left out. Here are brands that offer great value for money.

7. Graze From £4.49

Graze offer regularly a free Box

When we subscribe to Graze, we get an exciting assortment of delicious and tasty snacks delivered. The best part about this subscription box is that Graze considers the health enthusiasts among us.

Each snack delivered contains no trans fats, zero colours and artificial flavours, engineered ingredients, and high fructose syrup. Subsequent months also follow this pattern! It’s a treat for the mouth and the body!

8. Japan Candy Box From £19.90

This subscription box offers a great mix of about 10 different Japanese candies and sweets. Every subscription box from Japan Candy Box is always a treat for the taste buds.

9. ChewyMoon From £4.93

Each box offers 5 snacks for kids. These snacks are healthy, all-natural, and a nutritious treat for young kids.

What is the Cheapest Subscription Box?

By niche, they are

What are the Best Monthly Box Subscriptions?

In terms of value for money, the best monthly subscription boxes in the UK for different niches are:

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Yes, they are. Typically, the items in them are more expensive (put together) when compared with the price of the subscription.

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