Boxcitement – March 2017 : Out of this World

This month’s Boxcitement is, quite literally, out of this world. It looks to the secrets of the universe and delivers a bouquet of celestial surprises. The theme works because stars and heavenly bodies are a popular design motif, making it an audience pleaser. The range of surprises is what makes Boxcitement a great bet – it’s the perfect subscription for people who like to jazz up their living space or belongings with quirky little touches. It bundles together a trove of items that makes every month feel like a special occasion.

It’s amazing to discover how many items can be included in a package small enough to fit through the post box. But I was once again impressed by the trove that arrived. Pulling out each item one by one, the excitement starts building…

Boxcitement April 2017: Out of this World

  • A drawstring bag
  • An alien key ring
  • Three mini prints
  • A shopping list pad
  • A set of hair grips
  • A pair of earrings
  • A wooden moon-phase garland
  • Flying saucers
  • A subscriber card

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a hoarder and chronic over packer, so I can never have too many bags for travelling or general organisation. This lovely number is a soft cotton drawstring bag with shiny silver lettering: it’s everything that attracts me like the magpie that I am, in other words. This is a very useful treat that I’ve already stuffed some of my infinite make-up products into.

The key ring is another attractive piece and good for those of us who either alternate our primary key ring accessory (although I never lose my bottle opener, which is a lifesaver at any social gathering). Or, if you have bicycle keys, office keys, boiler keys…It’s always nice to dress them up and make them easier to identify after you’ve shoved them in a drawer. This does just the trick.

Moving on to one of my personal penchants – after chocolate, that is – it’s stationery! I’m a list maker too (yes, I’m sharing so many desirable traits in this review), so I keep a drawer of these types of pads at home. This is perfect for baking recipes, when I’m literally darting down to our local Tesco in a frenzy, searching for eggs, vanilla and…what else? Enter the list. It’s just easier than Googling that recipe again. The prints are also a nice addition with an attractive design and a positive message. Good to keep this in mind when you’re going outside of your baking comfort levels. You can do it!

The jewellery pieces include two hand crafted ceramic hair grips that have been inspired by the cosmos: they’re in oval-esque shapes, one like a crescent moon and the second like a flying saucer. They’re unique and quite distinctive. I’ve been thinking about getting the chop, so the grips might come in handy. The earrings take influence from Saturn, the ringed planet, and are nice and delicate for pierced ears. These will be perfect for summer, when hair gets pinned away from sweaty necks and the earrings become a focal point.

This wooden moon-phase garland piece can hang vertically or horizontally, adding a bit of fun to any workplace or shelf. It looks like it’s been handmade and would also be a great gift for nephews or nieces, especially if they’re at that age where they’re dreaming of becoming an astronaut! Perfect for those looking towards the skies, right?

Finally, the Boxcitement team have thrown in a bit of fun in the guise of flying saucers – those sorbet sweet retro candies that fizz on the palate and melt away into nothing. These nostalgic sweets were a great surprise, perfect for a little hit of sugar and to help subscribers feel like a child again.

Boxcitement can be purchased as a one-off (£18), or as a subscriptions of three (£51), six (£96) or twelve month (£180) with P&P included. It can also be gifted, making it an easy present that delights for months to come. The monthly themes aren’t announced in advance, so every delivery is a guaranteed surprise. For this price, subscribers receive a sizable selection of curated items, giving them a lot to look forward to each month.

You won’t find any subscription box that’s as packed full of fun as Boxcitement, so this is a great little treat for yourself or someone else.

Our score: 8.6/ 10

A box bursting at the seams with lots of fun.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products9

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Rating: 3.8/5. From 17 votes.
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