Boxcitement – April 2017: Lost in Woods

The weather is improving and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the spring air. April’s Boxcitement box encapsulates just that feeling, opting for a Lost in the Woods theme. With this outdoorsy purview, all of the items are rooted in nature by design or function. And who doesn’t like a motif based on wildlife? Think critters and animals that make our nature walks so captivating with their ballads and buzzing.

As always, Boxcitement is filled to the brim with a range of items and a trove of surprises that will bring a touch of character or vibrancy to your daily routine – that’s a lot of cute and fun things to make you smile! Every month, I wonder the same thing: just how did they get so much into a box that’s small enough to put through the post box? Queue TARDIS comparisons and you get the idea: there are a lot of items in a conveniently sized package.

Boxcitement: April 2017 – Lost in the Woods

  • A test tube vase
  • A honeycomb key holder
  • A birthday card with envelope
  • A mini sketchbook
  • A twig pen
  • Gift wrap/ tags
  • Birdhouse craft set
  • A wrap bracelet
  • Subscriber card

The first (and perhaps most adorable) item is a small test tube vase that will hang on the wall and hold a choice flower from your outdoor excursion. It’s simple, but stylish, making it a nice idea for when you come across a wayward bloom that you’d like to bring inside to infuse a bit of colour or fragrance into your home. It’s best to showcase a single flower (you’d struggle to fit more than one inside), so you better choose wisely. I quite like this and have already found a place for it, hanging from a shelf.

The key holder is another fun idea, inspired by honeycombs. It’s very lightweight and wall mountable, making this great because you could affix it on a space with two sided holders instead of hammering it into your wall. It holds three colourful hexagons (three sets of keys) and is a unique piece that imparts a bit of fun to a bland wall.

You can always expect some attractive stationery from your Boxcitement selection and this month is no exception. Inside April’s box is a bird-themed birthday card and envelope, which is an exclusive and high quality piece. There’s also a small sketchbook that’s perfect for toting along in your purse or bag for when nature inspires you to tap into your artistic side. To round off your artistic efforts is a twig shaped pen, something to keep you grounded in the great outdoors!

Further stationery supplies include a gift wrap set with gift tags (you can seriously impress your friends here with your coordination) and a cute craft set to make your own mini birdhouse. I actually own a lovebird and this is unfortunately too small to accommodate her – realistically, she’d just shred it to bits anyway – but it requires only a glue stick and some scissors to assemble, making this the perfect afternoon craft for our young niece, who has a creative streak.

Finally, a floral ribbon wrap bracelet is a pretty piece to adorn your wrist on a garden party. If there’s any time where florals should be encouraged in the wardrobe, it’s this time of year, right?

Boxcitement can be purchased as a one-off (£18), or as a subscriptions of three (£51), six (£96) or twelve month (£180) with P&P included. It can also be gifted, making it an easy present that delights for months to come. The monthly themes aren’t announced in advance, so every delivery is a guaranteed surprise. For this price, subscribers receive a sizable selection of curated items, giving them a lot to look forward to each month.

You won’t find any subscription box that’s as packed full of fun as Boxcitement, so this is a great little treat for yourself or someone else.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

This is a great selection of fun trinkets that will find a place on your mantel easily.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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