Bonjour French Food Review

Bonjour French Food Review


Bonjour French Food! is a service for French Food lovers all over the world. They deliver the best French gourmet and terroir products right to your door, wherever you are.

Véronique and Julien love French Food, they curate the most genuine selection of French Food  to treat yourself or a friend. It’s an awesome gift for foodies!

On the delivery menu they now have new boxes for 2014: the Charcuterie hamper (a must have if you’re craving for the typical French saucisson), the Vegetarian selection (French treats with no meat) or the Cupboard’s secrets (French grandma’s cooking tips). If you’re feeling bold, try their surprise hampers: every month Véronique selects new French Food to taste.

Each box is available in the classic size and in the family size.

And as an extra treat for customers, they have also have created a blog for you to discover French particularities:

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We received our box from Bonjour French Food first thing this morning at our All Subscription Boxes office.  Being a bit of a Francophile myself, I couldn’t wait to crack open the box and discover what was on offer and we weren’t disappointed with what we found inside.


A good food subscription box should take you on a food adventure and that is exactly what this box delivered.  Overall we felt the box had a decent quality to price ratio and introduced us to some enjoyable new flavours, which is hard to do and thus very appreciated.

The box comes in the standard subscription box size, but the blue crepe paper wrapping the interior adds a touch of class and differentiation from other boxes.  There was a selection of both sweet and savoury with a total of 6 items in the box.

Petits Sablés Ronds et Bons au Buerre un Peu Salé:  Tasty little butter cookies with a hint of salt.

Fondant au Chocolat: A mix for making a French style cake, similar to brownies, which was absolutely divine warm out of the oven and even better cold the next day.  It was incredibly simple to make and took less than 10 minutes to prepare and around 15 minutes in the oven.

Terrine de Sanglier Noisettes & Mandarine:  A pate made of boar’s meat with hazelnut and mandarin flavours.  The terrine was surprisingly delicate and smooth on the palette. The boar flavour was subtly combined with the hazelnut and orange leaving a pleasant taste on the tongue while eating and after.

Terrine de Magret de Canard au Miel des Cévennes et Noix: A terrine made of duck breast with honey and walnut.  This was a thicker terrine with noticeable chunks of duck meat which gave it a hearty flavour. This would taste good on a hearty wheat bread.


Saucisson Enrobe au Poivre: A pepper encrusted saucisson.   This was a special treat, the pepper crust gave a nice little kick to the flavour, even after you’ve removed it – the outer pepper wrap isn’t meant to be eaten ;) Some saucisson can be especially fatty leaving a greasy flavour in the mouth, but this one had a slightly lower level making it an enjoyable eat.

Concassé de Tomate et Poivron, Anchois et Ail: A mixture of crushed tomato and red peppers with anchovy and garlic.  This was a delicious spread, on its own the flavours were quite strong, but as a base for a sandwich or a canapé or as an addition to a pasta sauce this has the potential add just the right touch of flavour.

It is clear that the creators of this box are French because the English in their pamphlet leaves a lot of room for improvement. It is up to you to decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. :)

Depending on the box, but roughly:

Classic size: £27 to £29 (including free delivery)

Family size: £50 to £55 (including free delivery)

None at the moment.

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