Bokksu: Discover Japan Through Snacks – April 2020

Bokksu is the only Japanese snack box that sources directly from snack makers in Japan, so many of our artisanal products cannot be found anywhere else. Start your cultural journey through Japan by subscribing to Bokksu and receiving a curated box of premium Japanese snacks and teas delivered to your door every month.

They have two levels of subscription: the Tasting, which is smaller, and the one I have received, The Classic. Subscriptions are prepaid for one, three, six, or twelve months.For the Classic box they work out at $39 (around £30), $37, $35 , and $33 per month.As usual, they are priced in dollars, so GBP conversion is according to today’s exchange rate. Obviously this will vary, but it gives you some idea of cost.

Spring is in the air with the latest Hanami Blossoms – themed Bokksu!

Japan is famous for its cherry blossom season, and this month’s box of fruity and sakura items are perfect for bringing some colour in to the new season.

The menu booklet is lovely in itself.

It has a full descriptions of all the items in the box, plus an allergen guide.

You can also brush up on your Japanese language, geography, and culture!

Handmade Sakura Candy.

Bokksu frequently includes their own exclusive candy, and this month’s sakura is a treat, containing real pieces of sakura blossom.

Sakura Chocolate Crepe.

These are little thin folded crepe cookies wrapped in sakura white chocolate which give both flavour and colour.

Koku Cookie: Sakura Domyoji.

These are cookies containing rice powder, often used in mochi. They are flavoured with both sakura petals and leaves.

Sakura Mochi.

You can’t have a box of Japanese treats without mochi and these sakura-flavoured soft rice cakes contain all the colour and flavour of the season!

Blanchul Mini Chocolate: Sakura Flavour

Sandwich cookies are very popular in Japan, and these cookies are generously filled with sakura-flavoured white chocolate for a light but seriously indulgent treat!

Castella Cake: Azuki Flavour

This cake originates in Portugal, but the addition of azuki (red beans) make them all Japanese. The sponge itself is fresh and moist.

Saki Waffle Shikoku No Wasanbon Sugar.

This waffle is dense like a cake. What makes it extra special is that it uses wasanbon, which is a type of golden Japanese sugar, much prized for its flavour.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Straweberry Daifuku Mochi

These incredible mochi are a speciality of Bokksu, and are quite unlike any you have ever tasted. They are incredibly light and airy, and this version is flavoured with strawberry and read beans. A real delight, I’m always happy to see these in a Bokksu!

Nata De Coco Peach Gummy

Peaches are another sign of warmer weather, and these yummy peach gummies will definitely make you look forward to summer!

Kokeya Minit’s Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum

Sour plum is one of the more unusual traditional Japanese flavours. These sour plum potato sticks are also flavoured with plum blossoms and shiso, which produce and incredible savory-sweet snack.

Dondon Yaki: Kimchi

Another savory snack, these fried rice crackers are flavoured with kimchi and garlic for an intense taste that goes very well with a cold beer!

Plum & Red Shiso Seaweed Tempura and Shrimp Chips Mix

This savory snack contains more than one element, crispy fried tempura nori and crunchy shrimp sticks. They are then flavoured with sour plum and perilla for a tangy taste.

Spring Gold Tea

This month’s tea is sencha, a traditional steamed green tea. This version is particularly strong, and is best drunk warm.


Our score: 9.8/ 10

This selection really brings the springtime to the current cold weather! The colours and flavours are so locely, especially all the sakura items. Also an extra nod to the beautifully decorated box itself. I love it when Bokksu produces the limited edition box designs, it makes the whole experience even more special. The mochi puffs are my favourite in this box, though all the flavours and textures are something special. I think Bokksu has outdone itself this month!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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