Beauty Advent Calendar: the Best Ones In the UK

Beauty advent calendar

What are the best Beauty advent calendar in the UK this year?

Advent calendars date as far back as the Victorian era when Christmas festivities were marked with a new ‘gift’ each day. The twenty-four days before Christmas make for a 5×5 advent calendar that comes in the form of a box with separate shelves for each day.

You open each shelf on its corresponding day and find a gift inside. This can be a handful of small change, sweets, candies, or anything else with a distinct theme. All the presents are a surprise that make the holiday more anticipated and special. You open the final box on Christmas day and find the last gift and celebrate the holiday with your loved ones.

Let’s fast forward to 2014. This is the year that marked the launch of the first-ever beauty advent calendar. Liberty department store decided to bring back advent calendars with a new twist: it sold a beauty advent calendar to coincide with the relaunch of its beauty products.

Liberty : the first beauty advent Calendar

The trend was new and absolutely one-of-a-kind. It was a popular venture, with people forming queues as early as six in the morning to get their hands on the calendar. In the years since then, almost all the big beauty brands have followed the lead. Major launches and holidays are a perfect way to sell these calendars and increase the brand’s fan following and popularity.

What Makes Beauty Advent Calendars So Unique?

The Element of Surprise

When you go into a beauty store, you’re surrounded by products of all sorts. Blushes, concealers, eye shadows, primers, skincare, perfumes, hair products — the list is endless. Every new product, every new shade has its own charm. It’s often rather difficult to fill your cart with just the right choice of products.

To avoid putting you in through the strenuous thought process, a beauty advent calendar is your answer. You don’t have the faintest idea what surprise each day brings. Rest assured, all the products maintain high quality and popularity, so there’s hardly anything to fear!

There’s Something for Everyone

Brands find these advent calendars as an important way of renovating their brand images. So instead of wasting this 25-day long opportunity, they do their best to get through to all sorts of customers.

People with different skin tones, who have skin allergies, or even who hold diverse makeup preferences, all find something of their liking. So if you’re planning to try out a new brand line, going for their advent calendar will save you a lot of effort and get you well-acquainted with their product range.

They’re Comparatively Cheaper

Another major reason why fashion junkies love beauty advent calendars because they’re an awesome bargain. A standard beauty advent calendar might cost you a few hundred pounds at most for 25 different products.

If you buy these products separately, you’d definitely have to spend more than a thousand or two. Even if you don’t use up all of the products, it’s still a great way to save your holiday money.

Our List of the Best Beauty Advent Calendars

1. Glossybox Advent Calendar

Priced at: £99.

What’s Inside?

A 25-day journey of beauty discoveries with the best brands in the UK from Glossybox.

What We Like

  • The packaging is absolutely gorgeous.
  • It’s the perfect gift option with a diverse range of products.
  • Subscriber prices start from as low as £80.

Buy the Glossybox Advent Calendar

2. Roccabox Advent Calendar

A great Beauty advent calendar from Roccabox

Priced at: £72.

What’s Inside?

An epic beauty buy containing 21 full sized-products, worth over £365.

What We Like

  • A huge variety of beauty luxuries to suit everyone.
  • A selection of up-and-coming and niche brands, giving beauty lovers the chance to discover hot new products.
  • Priced at just £72 – yet containing products worth in excess of £365

Buy the Roccabox Advent Calendar

3. Birchbox Advent Calendar

Birchbox Beauty advent calendar

Priced at: £85.

What’s Inside?

The calendar consists of 27 beauty treats from brands such as ICONIC, bareMinerals, Bumble and Bumble, Laura Geller, Dr. Botanicals, and more.

What We Like

  • It’s perfect for skincare and natural glowy looks.
  • It’s a great haul with a minimal price tag.
  • It includes the top-selling varieties of each brand.

Buy the Birchbox Advent Calendar

4. Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar

Liberty advent calendar

Priced at: £215.

What’s Inside?

Luxury products of all sorts. From scented candles to serums to perfumes and rich, moisturizing lotions.

What We Like

  • Unbelievably inexpensive for the selection. It’s £789 worth of products squeezed into £215!
  • Eighteen full-sized products and six must-try samples.
  • A legacy of the original beauty advent calendar.

Buy the Liberty Advent Calendar

5. Rituals 2020 Advent Calendar

Beauty products inside an avent calendar


Priced at: £59.90.

What’s Inside?

A collection of exquisite shower products that have a ritualistic theme reminiscent of the ancient Buddhist times.

What We Like

  • A really Christmas-y decor.
  • One of the cheapest options.
  • Installment plans are available.

Buy the Ritual Advent Calendar

6. ESPA No Place Like Home Advent Calendar

ESPA advent calendar


Priced at: £145.

What’s Inside?

25 days of skin rejuvenation. Facial masks, scalp treatments, balms, cleansers, moisturizers.

What We Like

  • Gives you all the products you need for a holiday glow.
  • Limited-edition, hard-to-get products.
  • Best beauty advent calendar for skin care and hair care.

Buy the ESPA Advent Calendar

7. NUXE Beauty Countdown Advent Calendar

The Nuxe Beauty advent calendar


Priced at: £59.

What’s Inside?

The fragrant picks of NUXE’s best limited-editions product line.

What We Like

  • This calendar brings all those rare beauty products you’re always hunting.
  • Comes at a really low pricetag.

Buy the Nuxe Advent Calendar

8. Benefit Shake the Beauty Advent Calendar

Priced at: £58.50.

What’s Inside

A full range of benefit’s best products, from primer to brow gel.

What We Like

  • This one’s particularly for those who are looking solely for makeup products.
  • It’s a twelve-day calendar, a different concept from the traditional beauty advent calendars.

Buy the Benefit Advent Calendar

9. Essie Nail Polish Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar

Priced at: £99.99.

What’s Inside?

essie’s most loved picks for a nail perfectionist: mini and full-sized nail polishes, apricot cuticle oil, nail polish remover, base coat, and surprise goodies.

What We Like

  • This is a great option for manicurists.
  • You can try nail polish colors that might be different from your taste.

Buy the Essie Advent Calendar

10. Decléor Essential Oils Advent Calendar

Priced at: £85.

What’s Inside?

A blend of essential oil products such as face masks, creams, shower gels, balms, and a lot more.

What We Like

  • The organic, health-conscious theme is a great one for those who love investing in essential oil-based products.
  • The calendar features 24 items at an incredibly low pricetag.
  • This is a complete organic skincare package.

Buy the Decléor Advent Calendar

11. Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

Priced at: £320.

What’s Inside?

24 doors that take you through an amazing journey of thoroughly British scents and smells.

What We Like

  • For those willing to try out new scents, this advent calendar is a dream come true.
  • The price tag is quite affordable as compared to when you purchase the products individually.

Buy the Jo Malone Advent Calendar

12. ASOS Face + Body 24 Day Advent Calendar

Priced at: £75.

What’s Inside?

A complete package of must-have skincare and beauty products in a minimal price range.

What We Like

  • From a face mask to mascara, this advent calendar covers all your beauty needs.
  • This one has all the most in-demand makeup products that most of us keep searching for all year round.

Buy the ASOS Advent Calendar

13. John Lewis & Partners Beauty Advent Calendar

Priced at: £150.

What’s Inside?

This one’s the ultimate showstopper. Haircare, skincare, makeup, scent. The John Lewis & Partners 25-day beauty advent calendar has all your essentials packed into a single box!

What We Like

  • There are thirteen full-sized items that alone would amount to more than the price of this box, so this one’s an opportunity you can’t miss.
  • The box has an incredible splendor of pink. You could make this a part of your vanity furniture.

Buy the John Lewis Advent Calendar

Winding Up

Beauty advent calendars might be fairly new, but they’re certainly useful. There are a variety of themes, brands, and collections that put their best efforts into these calendars. It’s okay if you don’t plan on giving these as a Christmas gift. You can also give them as wedding presents or a farewell surprise to someone you love.

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