Banjo Robinson – Italy

Banjo Robinson the Traveling Cat is the perfect penpal for children!

Recently he had something of a makeover. The previous letter was a short note to tell his correspondent all about his new look, and promising a brand new map and stickers arriving very soon.

Well, they’ve arrived, along with this latest letter!

Banjo is in Italy and Transylvania! Just in time for Halloween. And as always, it sounds like he’s having tremendous fun.

The letters contain plenty of fun facts about the country he is visiting, as well as some lovely amusing touches.

This month’s letter, sent in October, is printed on fantastic seasonal writing paper. I don’t know if the paper design will change every regularly, but I absolutely love the updated look!

As always you have a fantastic colouring sheet, which references things from the letter. There are stickers, including ‘stamps’ for your child’s reply.

Speaking of the reply, this is one of the exceptional things about the Banjo Robinson letters. Not only does he write to your child, the idea is that your child writes back! Paper and envelope are included, which makes it much easier. The paper itself is sensibly sized to allow even the most reluctant writer to produce a few lines, and there’s room on the back for a picture or even more writing.

Banjo’s letters also include prompts for the recipient to reply, such as questions to answer and suggestions for drawings. Great to inspire any children who might not be sure what to write.

And as for sending the letter, the idea is that it is posted under the sofa, to be collected by a local cat! Parents should sneak it out overnight, and then they have a lovely collection of writing from their child, which make a beautiful keepsake for parents too.

With the new look comes a new map! The whole thing has been redesigned, and is now much more colourful and fun. The stickers that came with the letter include a sticker for each country visited, plus a paw print sticker. When all are collected Banjo sends a little present to celebrate!

If you’ve already had the Banjo Robinson letters before the redesign, you might wonder about the old poster and stickers.

Not to worry, along with this letter are a whole new set of stickers for your new poster, which cover the countries he has already visited. So you’re right up to date!



Our score: 10.0/ 10

I absolutely love the new design! It's so colourful and fun. The letters are just as excellent as always, full of fun quirky touches, and plenty of information and inspiration. Any child would adore to have such a fun penpal, and at a fiver a month it's ridiculously good value. This would make a fantastic Christmas present for a child, and at a letter every two weeks, it's a gift that lasts all year!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10

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Banjo Robinson

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Banjo Robinson

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