Banjo Robinson – Antarctica

Banjo Robinson the travelling cat has arrived in Antarctica!

What an interesting place to travel!

The personalised letter is both informative and entertaining.

A particularly nifty extra to Banjo’s letter is a PS (on the other side) which is actually written by a parent or other adult. Before this fortnight’s letter is sent, you get an email requesting a PS, which is a lovely way to add in  details about events in the child’s life, encouraging words, or just something extra fun and personal!

As this is intended to be a penpal activity, included in the letter is a special piece of writing paper and envelope for your child to write their reply.

The letter from Banjo includes fun prompts for writing and drawing to give  your child inspiration for their letter back to Banjo.

As you can see, there are instructions to leave their letter under the sofa, where it will be collected by Banjo’s pal Buster. (Or rather by a parent when the child isn’t looking!)

Along with the letter and reply paper there is a colouring sheet, with pictures relating to Banjo’s current adventures. They’re lovely line drawings, large enough for enthusiastic colourers, and small enough for those to enjoy even if they’re not so much into colouring.

There’s also a sheet of stickers, a couple which are personalised with the child’s name, two which act as stamps for the letter back to Banjo, and two which are for the map wallchart that is included with the initial welcome pack and letter.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Banjo Robinson's letters are always greeted with delight in our home! The idea of writing to a cat friend catches a child's imagination, and getting their own personal letter is always a very special experience. Literacy is well supported in both reading and writing, and children are encouraged to be imaginative with drawing as well as writing. From just £5.15 per month, which gets you two letters, this is a charming and incredibly inexpensive way to delight any child.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
  • From £9.99

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Banjo Robinson

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