ZenPop Stationery October 2022 – Moonlight Shadow

If you’re fan of beautiful stationery, the best place to find it is Japan. And as that’s rather a long way to go, you can get a beautiful selection sent every month from Zenpop!

This month’s theme is Moonlight Shadow. It’s a lovely nod to Halloween and the time of year when the nights get longer.

The card is such a cute design with the Zenpop mascot in a little witch outfit riding a jack-o’-lantern! On the other side there’s details of special offers and competitions, and there’s a QR code that will take you to a webpage that describes everything inside the box.

Regalo Papiro Masking Tape from Papier Platz, Masking tape Takechiyo Simple Kibun from KODOMO NO KAO

Two lots of washi tape this month! The left design is little ink bottles with a touch of gold leaf, perfect for writers and artist themes. On the right is a wonderful monochrome cloud design, which would look amazing in a grey autumn journal page. Washi tape can be used in so many ways, and I like to use it in my journaling. It’s also a lot of fun to be creative with, as the adhesive doesn’t leave any residue to you can stick it to almost anything and reposition if necessary.

Cocofusen BOOKMARK from Kanmido, Couleur Foncé Dot Fusen from Pilot

These little bookmarks are very thin plastic and are reposition able and reusable. They’re especially useful when you’re studying and you want to make note of particular pages in books without damaging them (my daughter has already claimed these for that purpose!) and I like them for recipe books.

The notebook is a little dotted journal but with black pages! It’s a really striking look when you use white and light coloured pens. I’m going to use pages for my next journal theme, but you could use it as a separate little art notebook too.

Juice up Pastel Color from Pilot, Ceramic Pen Cutter from OHTO, Kuretake 3-Piece Brush Pen Set

The pastel purple pen is perfect for the black notebook! It’s very fine and a beautiful colour, and it works beautifully upon regular white paper too.

The ceramic cutter is a really interesting and useful item. As the name suggests it is the exact size and shape of a pen, but instead of a nib it has a ceramic blade which is perfect for cutting single sheets of paper and things like washi tape. The ceramic stays sharp, and is much safer than metal, and it gives really clean lines. This is a tool I’ve never heard of but really glad I have!

The three-pen set is perfect for ink sketching. They range in thickness and work perfectly for fine detailing.

Mayonaka no Zakkaten Clear Seal from Greenflash, Nyankonu Nakayoshi Eraser from CRUX

These stickers are actually clear, but the black backing shows off the details perfectly. As the pictures are light colours they work best on a dark background, and again are perfect for the little black notebook.

You can never have too many erasers either, and these adorable kitty erasers glow in the dark!



Our score: 10.0/ 10

I think you can never have too much stationery. I love drawing and creating, and I'm always delighted to add yet more goodies to my stash! The washi tape is gorgeous, especially the great colours, and I'm planning my next month's journal theme around them and the pens, along with some drawing on the black paper. The ceramic cutter is simply genius; sometimes I like to tear washi for texture, but the cutter is much easier to be precise with than scissors when I'm making shapes. I can also use it with papercrafting for really fine cuts. This is such a gorgeous selection of items, especially the more unusual things like the black notebook, and there's so much scope for creativity!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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