ZenPop Stationery November 2022 – Autumn Inspiration

I adore beautiful stationery, and the Zenpop Stationery box from Japan sends out a wonderful selection every month.

For November we have Autumn Inspiration. This is the perfect theme for this time of year, where it gets dark and cold and staying inside being cosy looks very appealing. it’s the perfect time to do things like catch up on letter writing, or have fun with some papercraft.
The little card on top of the box has one of their lovely seasonal illustrations featuring the little bunny mascot. It looks like the perfect cosy evening in! On the other side is a QR code which takes you to a webpage that tells you about each item in the box. As Zenpop frequently features products with designs by various Japanese artists, it’s very interesting to find out a bit more about them.

Tamura Miki Chigirie Cards from Kamiiso sansho, Land Scape Letter Set Sun Set from El Commun

Letterwriting and art are definitely strong this month! Each of the five cards each feature a lovely line design that can, if you wish, add to and customise with pens, pencils, and masking tape. The set includes envelopes so you can send your cards to friends and loved ones.

The letter set has beautiful premium paper that is a pleasure to handle. The writing paper features a lovely landscape design, and you can find the same design on the inside of the lined envelope. This really is gorgeous quality stationery and is perfect for special letters.

Bobbin Tape from Kokuyo, Petit Cutter from Kokuyo, BONUS GIFT: Kokeshi Nail Clipper

These little spools of masking/washi tape are designed to look like a mini bobbin. The designs have lovely autumnal colours and would work really well for scrapbooking, paper craft, or decorating the notecards above.

The cutters are designed to be used with the washi tape, and they can be clipped together so they don’t get lost.

Nail clippers might seem a little odd in a stationery box, but it’s still an incredibly useful item to have! This one has been designed to look like a traditional Japanese Kokeshi doll, and they represent the wish for a healthy child. These nail clippers are a terrific combination of practical and pretty.

Tamura Miki Autumn Masking Seal from Kamiiso sansho, Awaku Sukeru Fusen dried flowers Chouhoukei to Maru from Kamidia

Stickers made from washi paper are a lot of fun to use, because they are a lovely decorative accent that can also be peeled and reused. I like to use them in my bullet journal and scrapbook, and these designs look cosy and autumnal.

The little sticky notes have delicate flower designs, a nice reminder of flowers when there aren’t so many around in winter. Sticky notes are something that is always useful to have around, I use them all the time for writing notes and reminders. These are much more pretty than the usual neon ones!

Clickart Pale color from Zebra, Flat Long Eraser from Sun Star Bungu, Decoration Crayon from Midori

Zebra pens are some of the nicest you can get, and this pen is a clickable fine fabric tipped colour pen. There are several possible colours, but mine is a lovely pastel purple. As it happens it matches beautifully with some of my previous Zenpop pens!

The flat eraser is specially designed to fit easily into a long pencil case. It hadn’t occurred to me before that chunky erasers can actually take up quite a lot of space, but this design is actually really convenient.

Pretty marbled crayons give a lovely effect, and this multicoloured version is a fun way to do some colouring.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I'm always excited about one of these gorgeous boxes of stationery, and once again the items are delightful. I love how Zenpop encourages proper letter-writing with beautiful writing sets, as it's so much more pleasant and experience to write on quality paper. The stickers and tape go in my hoard that I use for journalling and scrapbooking, and often I use sticky notes as decorative items too. The only thing I'm not as sure about is the plastic cutters for the washi tape, because I believe the only fit this particular brand so I'm not sure if I'll be able to use them for anything else. But they will be useful until this washi runs out. The fine purple pen is also a pleasure to use, I love having coloured pens that can write and draw details properly! If you love stationery that is beautiful and useful, and you enjoy any kind of papercrafts, Zenpop Stationery box is certain to help you build a beautiful collection!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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