ZenPop Stationery May 2023 – Golden Glitter

Beautiful stationery is such a pleasure to use, and some of the finest quality, both paper and pens, comes from Japan.

Every month ZenPop sends a beautiful selection of Japanese stationery, which is plenty to keep you going whether for notes, drawing, paper crafts, or writing!

This month is focusing on the shiny, glittery, and golden for some beautiful decorative touches.

Masute no Ribonbon from Kutsuwa, Seal Tensha Haku from midori, LIFEFUL Masking Tape Box Set yellow life from MIND WAVE

The Ribbon tape is regular washi tape but comes with three different cutters so you can cut different -shaped edges for various decorative effects. There are some suggestions on the packaging, and there is also a straight-edge option. These are really nice when you don’t want to have a rougher torn edge.

The gilded stickers are the rub-on kind, which are lovely for decorating surfaces such as notebook covers, they give a stamped effect. There are lots of designs including birds, florals, and text labels, and you can use them for all kinds of decorations.

There’s another set of washi tape here, all in a yellow theme with several different patterns. These would be lovely for a spring-themed journal or scrapbook page, and the colours are brings and cheerful.

Big W Clip New Life Style2 from SunStar, Tsubame note B6 from Tsubame note, Fusenshi Katanuki Haku Torigara from midori

The extra-large bulldog-type clip is both practical and pretty. The handle is in the outline shape of a pile of pancakes, and it’s a gorgeous coppery gold colour. It will fit masses of papers too.

Tbusame Notes is one of Japan’s premier paper goods creators. The quality of the paper is second to none, it’s a pleasure to write on, and these are the only products that use this particular type of paper. It really does make a difference to writing when you use really nice paper, it feels much nicer and it also takes ink very well. The notebook itself is a lovely compact size, perfect for a handbag or small desk notebook.

The ever-useful sticky notes are from the same company as the foil transfer stickers above, and these also feature beautiful gold decorations. They’re die-cut in a gorgeous design, and they have so many uses, from regular notes and reminders, to bookmarks and even to decorate journals or scrapbooks.

PILOT BAC-roMF-MBE 0.3 from PILOT, Ruler from KUM, Lame Iri Marker Kirarich from Zebra

Acro ink is a kind of hybrid ink somewhere between gel ink and regular ballpoint ink which writes very smoothly and dries quickly. It’s very nice to use, especially as the pen has a thicker grip end, which makes it very comfortable to use for longer periods of time. At 0.3mm it’s a very fine line, which is great for small and detailed writing.

Small rulers are always useful to have around, and this compact version fits neatly into a pencil case or pen pot.

The pink marker is from Zebra, which is knows for its beautifully coloured highlighter pens. Unlike the regular highlighters, this one has just a chisel tip, but the ink itself is absolutely gorgeous. It’s nicely pigmented and infused with glitter, which gives it a gorgeous sparkly effect, perfect for all kinds of decorative fun writing.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Washi tape and pens are my two favourite stationery items, and I have huge collections of both! ZenPop pens and tape, as well as stickers, are always fun and useful, and I love using them in my journals and scrapbooks. The glitter highlighter is particularly unusual, as I've never seen one like this before, and it really does look quite spectacular when the light catches it right. It is also really lovely to use good-quality paper, the combination of the notebook and the acro ink pen is superb, and I'm a big fan of note-taking. I do like the tip very much, it's such a lovely colour that it can be used as decoration as well as for boring things like bills and statements! Once again this is an excellent selection, and I've got lots of ideas for using the tape and even the sticky notes, which are definitely too pretty just for phone messages!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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