ZenPop Stationery January 2023 – New Resolutions

As we come into another year, New Resolutions is a lovely theme for a stationery box. Thinking about new diaries, things to do and goals to set, and of course, lovely new stationery!

Every month the insert card shows a special image. This time shows the ZenPop mascot Luna dressed in a traditional outfit. On the other side is a QR code that takes you straight to the webpage telling you all about the goodies inside the box.

Masking Roll Sticker from Bande, Textile・Maste Hakuoshi from SOU・SOU x mt

There are two lots of washi in this month’s box. Technically the one on the left isn’t washi tape; instead it’s a roll of little individual stickers with the designs of traditional Japanese illustrations. On the right is a roll of tape designed by mt, a top stationery producer, and Sou Sou, a popular Japanese store. The design incorporates various elements of Japanese culture, and has beautiful gold accents. The case is translucent, which makes it especially beautiful for decorate accent and edging.

Mt.envelope from goodbymarket, Message Card from NB

These two cards have beautiful features. On the left is a card where the envelope hides a design of Mount Fiji under the flap. It’s a significant and sacred symbol, and included is a mirror card which can be used to reflect the design as in in water.

The birthday card – one of a selection of possible options – has attached a mizuhiki charm. This is a traditional ornamental item made from intricately woven cords. My card has a traditional flower pattern charm, and it can be detached from the card and used for decoration in the home.

Die Cut Stand Message Pad from Marumo Insatsu, Watoji no Chigireru Memo from Shogado

Two memo pads here, each with unique features. On the left, the little cat design pops out to sit on top as the cover is folded into a stand. The paper itself is exceptional quality, very thick with no bleeding, even with a sharpie, and the surface feels lovely to write on as well.

The other pad is made from very fine washi paper. It has a couple of extra features too: it is held together by a thin band which make is easy to carry around. Each sheet of paper is detachable, with a tiny perforation at the inner edge, which means they can be torn out without damage.

Kumamori Keshigomu from Qla, Suisei Ball Pen Fude Ball from Ohto

The little bear-shaped eraser is designed to look like a gummy bear! It’s very cute, and while it works very well as an eraser, I think it’s rather nice to just keep and not use. It comes in one of six different colours, all representing good fortune of some kind. Mine is blue, which apparently means success in studying!

The pen is a special type that not only contains water and light-resistant ink, but is designed to be used like a calligraphy pen. It’s 1.5mm thick, which means it’s beautiful for hand-lettering and display writing. The thickness can also adjust depending on what pressure you use.

Bonus – New Year ZenPop Luna Magnet, Etching Clips from midori

This cute magnet features Luna the mascot in from of a traditional Torii gate.Not only is it cute, but appropriate too, as this year is the Japanese Year of the Rabbit!

The beautiful clips are laser engraved on stainless steel, and each design represents a Japanese lucky charm. The are incredibly fine and delicate, but they can hold up to ten sheets of paper. Much nicer than regular paper clips!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

This is a beautiful selection for the New Year. While it's always difficult to pick a favourite, as the ZenPop items are always so beautiful, I think this month I would have to say that the paperclips are the ones I think are the most beautiful. I love little notebooks, so they will be very useful, and I'm always glad for another pen for my collection! The washi tape is very pretty, I have so much of it and I use it a lot, I especially like the little round stickers, which would work very well as envelope seals. Overall this is another excellent collection of exquisite items for real lovers of stationery. Japan is said to have the absolute best in terms of paper and pens, and judging by ZenPop I certainly agree!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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