ZenPop – August 2021: Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack – Izakaya Night-In

Do you love Japanese food? Then you’ll love ZenPop! They have a range of monthly subscription boxes available such as:-

  • Ramen Pack – 7 bowls of authentic and delicious Japanese noodles
  • Stationery Pack – 10 cute and high-quality items, including 3 writing tools
  • Sweets Pack – 15 kinds of weird and wonderful Japanese sweets and snacks
  • Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack – 2 or more bowls of ramen and at least 6 sweets and snacks

All the packs are shipped from Osaka to the UK and there are no customs charges to pay.

August’s ZenPop for their Ramen & Sweets Pack is themed Izakaya Night-In and contains all of the following:-

CoCo Ichiban Curry Yakisoba

Just like at your local CoCo Curry store, these yakisoba are easy to prepare for dinner and ready in just 3 minutes. Paired with CoCo Ichi’s original mellow sauce that delivers the taste and aroma of curry just like you were at one of their stores, with soybean soboro, colorful green onions, carrots, and chili peppers are the perfect match to round up your Izakaya Night In dinner. These are delicious!

Miso Ramen Taiwanese Spicy Ramen

Mild on the tongue and warm in the throat, the chili peppers used as condiments give a wonderful dinner experience and might make you feel like you’re walking through one of Taiwan’s night markets. A taste of something spicy and different!

Levain Prime Wasabi Parmesan Cheese

To get your Izakaya night started, you need some kind of appetizer. What better than a Wasabi Parmesan Cheese mix? This bite-sized Levain Prime cheese sandwich combines the refreshing spiciness of wasabi that complements the mellow richness of parmesan cheese.

Mugipon Milk Coffee Flavor

My personal favorite out of this month’s box, these fragrant barley crispy snacks come with a strong flavor of milk coffee and are perfectly paired for your Sunday morning cup of double-latte frappuccino.

Kaju Gummies Golden Pineapple

These Meiji gummies are a perfect fruity addition to your dinner. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, the Golden Pineapple flavored gummies will be a great dessert after a crunchy appetizer and a tasty cup of noodles.

Hitokuchi Izakaya Otsumami Karaage Flavor

If there is one dish that comes to the table again and again at an izakaya, it’s without a doubt the one and only karaage. We couldn’t ship you the deep-fried tender chicken, so instead, please enjoy some yummy karaage flavored snacks.

Roanne Choco Crunch

This choco biscuit sandwich is on the crunchy side. The mixed crêpe, crushed almonds and puffed up chocolate is sandwiched in gofuru (gaufre) dough. It’s a well-balanced mix of textures and flavors. So yummy!

Pine Sherbet Pero Cider

A fun interactive lolly that you dip into sherbert – it reminds me of being a kid again!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

Another amazing box from ZenPop!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

How would you rate ZenPop ?

Rating: 4.2/5. From 6 votes.
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  • Japanese ramen, snacks & stationery
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  • Japanese ramen, snacks & stationery
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