YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii November 2022

This month’s YumeTwins kawaii box celebrates some of Japan’s most famous computer games in GameLand Adventure!

Japanese games are often very high on the cute factor, and the merchandise fully embraces it. The menu booklet tells you all about each item in the box.

There’s also a ton of fun stuff about different games, characters, and gaming companies, so if you didn’t know much about them before you certainly will now!

Splatoon Bath Bomb, Kawaii Kirby travel Sticker

Splatoon is one of the most popular new Nintendo games, featuring little squids and ink fights. This cute bath bomb contains one of the squid characters, which change colour in water.

Kirby is a real retro favourite, and this sticker is in a gorgeous retro designs looking like the old-fashioned travel and destination stickers you find on old suitcases.

Animal Crossing Pattern Cup

Reusable cups – with a straw – are very useful, not to mention eco-friendly. The design features a pattern from the new Switch game New Horizons, which has a tropical location.The game itself is very lovely, featuring a community of animals living and working together.

Kawaii Kirby Plush Bread Card Case

In the sometimes slightly surreal world of Japanese kawaii, this soft plush is a definite standout! It looks like Waddle-Dee but in the shape of bread, square and soft, and it’s actually a  card holder, for a travel card or ID. There’s a clip attachment on the top, which it attached to a retractable string so you can pull it out to swipe your card and then it will pop back. Rather unusual but very cute!

Pokemon Plush Pouch

In one of eight possible Pokemon character designs, I’ve got Gengar, with a splendidly fierce expression. Not only is this a very cute plush figure, it’s actually designed to be a little bag, opening up on top like a purse for a storage space for coins, phone, or whoever you like. It’s also got a string to hang it around your neck or over your shoulder like a little bag.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

As I said, kawaii can have surreal touches! The Kirby bread cardholder is definitely one of the most unusual things I've seen, but then things in the shape of food are often quite popular in Japan. The retractable string makes it surprisingly practical though! The plush purse is also adorable, Gengar is one of the coolest characters, and I really like how it opens up for storage. My other favourite is the bath bomb, I love the ones with little toys hidden inside, and the colour changing this is really cute. These are such great representations of some of Japan's wonderful gaming culture, and a whole box of really cute items.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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