YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii May 2023

This month’s YumeTwins box lovely kawaii goodies from Japan is all about making your home more kawaii. Not must your home, but the place we spend a lot of time – it’s Kawaii Desk Essentials!

The menu booklet tells us everything we need to know about the items in the box. There are pictures and descriptions, as well as how to use some of the accessories.

There’s also a ton of fun trivia about kawaii culture in Japan, such as cute anime characters, places to visit, and extra subscriber content.

YumeTwins Original Kawaii Paw Print Key Caps & Case

This is one of the special exclusive items that YumeTwins often include in their boxes. It’s a set of four silicone caps for mechanical computer keyboards, and they are both funny and adorable. There are two with little paws, and two with, wait for it, dog butts! They really are, that’s what it says in the menu booklet. Being silicone they’re soft to the touch, and they can replace any of your keys! They come in a cute case as well, which can be used to keep the keys you swapped them out for, or just as general storage.

BT21 Cooky Plush Wrist Cushion

Wrist rests of one kind of another have been around for a long time on desks, and this item serves the same function but with a twist! Instead of a cushion that sits on the desk, this one goes round your wrist! The cute face is for the underside of your wrist and supports it on the desk. It’s super cute and also pretty practical – it’s portable, and as it’s on you rather than the desk, you can shift your mouse around however you like without having to move a separate cushion rest.

Kirby Towel

This kind of towel is called a tenugui. It’s used primarily for washing and drying, but they can have lots of uses, including wrapping items. There are three possible designs, all featuring Kirby, the star of the famous Nintendo video game series. My design shows Kirby in sailor costume having lots of different travelling adventures!

Demon Slayer Stylus & Pen

This is a handy-dual function item. One end has a typical ballpoint end, and the other a stylus, perfect for use on mobile phone or tablet. The pen features one of the main characters from the manga and anime series Demon Slayer, complete with a little rubber character portrait on the clip. Mine is Nezuko Kamado.

YumeTwins Kawaii Surprise

This is a mystery item, which could be a plush figure, or home item. I’ve got a plush figure of Anya Forger from the manga series Spy X Family. It’s not a series I’m that familiar, but it’s a cute figure, with a hanging loop on top to use as a keychain or bag charm.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

My favourite item this month is definitely the towel, it's incredibly practical and I can add it to my collection of dish towels! The pen and stylus, while a small item, is also incredibly useful, as I do a lot of things on a tablet and I'm always losing my styluses! Maybe it being a pen will make it less likely to go missing. The wrist cushion is surprisingly practical, because while it looks like to should be a bit novelty it actually works really well to support the wrist when using a mouse. And of course it's super cute. The key covers are cute, but as I don't actually have a mechanical keyboard I'm going to have to figure our another use for them. They do look fun though, and I love the paw-shaped case. Overall this is a pretty good mix of cute and useful, and I do like the specific theme of a kawaii desk!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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