YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii February 2022

Valentie’s Day is a prominent part of the Japanese holiday calendar, with chocolate, treats and oink colours everywhere! YumeTwins is bringing a kawaii touch to this romantic celebration with this month’s Valentine’s Me-Time box.

As well as details about all the goodies inside, the menu booklet contains a wealth of information about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan.

YumeTwins Exclusive My Melody Heart Plushie

YumeTwins does a wonderful line in kawaii plushies, and this month is no different. Continuing their collaboration with famous brands, they have produced this gorgeous My Melody plushy, exclusive to YumeTwins. The adorable My Melody is clutching a little heart, and not only is it romantic, but the heart actually is attached by velcro and contains a little pocket for a gift, so you can move it from hand to hand. Really adorable!

Little Twin Stars Spray Bottle, BT21 Shower Sponge

This handy spray bottle can be filled with perfume, toner spray, or even hand sanitiser, and is the perfect size for poopping in your bag when on the go.

BTS has become a huge sensation in Japanese pop culture. The BT21 characters were created though interviews with the K-Pop group BTS, and each one represents a different member of the band’s personality. There are eight in total, and I have Chimmy, who likes hoodies and playing the harmonica.

Sanrio Mini Luggage Case, Sanrio Sukara Kimono Glass

These little hard cases feature a variety of different Sanrio characters. Each one has a zip closure for security, and has a clip and carabiner so you can hang in on a bag. It’s surprisingly sturdy, and so very useful for carrying delicate or fragile items without worrying about damage.

While the booklet doesn’t mention it, this little glass is the perfect shot glass size! One of several possible characters, each glass features a lovely sakura decoration looking forward to spring, and raised golden decoration.

YumeTwins Original Cubic Timer

This is a neat little item that is surprisingly useful. You can time 1, 3, 5, and 7 minute intervals, and you place whichever time you want face up to begin. The booklet suggests ramen and hair masks as timing possibilities, but being in the UK I think it would also make a very useful egg timer!


Our score: 9.2/ 10

I always adore the YumeTwins plushies, and I love that they are producing their own unique designs. Another big winner this month is the little shot glass, it's so cute and the decoration is so lovely. As I'm not actually that familiar with K-Pop the shower sponge design reference didn't mean that much to me, though it was interesting to learn about this new set of cartoon characters. That being said, it does work very well as it's intended purpose! The little box is also really handy, I can imagine using it for jewellery when travelling, or possible contact lenses, though sadly it's not big enough for a glasses case. But regardless, this month has a lovely selection of the cute and the useful, and while I don't necessarily see much connection with Valentine's Day, I like the contents very much!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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