YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii December 2017

YumeTwins is a monthly box of Japanese kawaii products from Tokyo. It is part of the TokyoTreat subscription box group which also includes TokyoTreat and nomakenolife. Each box contains 6 – 8 kawaii items including plushies and lifestyle goods plus premium anime brands.

YumeTwins has just been rebranded, so there have been a couple of changes.

The prices are slightly higher than before, but now there are more items in each box (before there were five), and the brands are all premium.

They have one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions costing $35.00, $33.50, $32.00, and $31.50 per month respectively.At current exchange rates this is £26.58, £25.44, £24.30, and £23.92. Shipping is free.

Here is their new-style box!

The box now contains a flyer rather than the menu booklet.  On the other side is a password for the online magazine and full contents list, plus information about their referral scheme and social media.

Generally there are several different variants for each item, so the ones in this box won’t be exactly the same as others. However I’ll give you an idea of the variations as well.

This Rascal Dog is massive, and took up most of the box!

Look at his little tail!

There were four possible options for this plushie, two cats  and two dogs, a pug (this one) and a Frenchie.

I love the pug, and he really is gorgeously huggable!

These Fluffy Room Slippers were trailed on social media. They are incredibly soft and fleecy and great for cosy toes! Also, they have those little nonslip dots underneath, which is very practical.

There were four possible pairs, either Rilakkuma or Sumikko Gurashi. These are lovely and snuggly, and perfect for winter!

This is an interesting item.

On the online menu it’s described as a Multi-use Case. This one is Rilakkuma, but there was also a My Melody option. It’s hard plastic and opens with little clips, and it’s very thin.

This Realistic Fluffy Cake Squishie is very cute and looks very appetizing! It’s small, but has lovely detailing, good enough to eat! There were five possible options, all different cakes, but I think this one looks delicious, I’d definitely eat a cake like this!

This Eraser and Mechanical Pencil are from the new Sanrio character range Marumofubiyori. He is a little polar bear. What a cute way to write notes!

Well, there you go!

There are some pretty cool items in this box.

The pug plushie is gorgeous, really quite large, as you can see from the main picture, and incredibly soft. His little face is incredibly appealing.

The room slippers are brilliant, because it’s getting cold. Great timing for winter. My only reservation is that although they are supposed to be ‘free size’ they are actually quite small. My feet are size 5 (or sometimes a bit smaller) and they were very comfortable. But for someone with rather larger feet I think they would be pretty tight if not impossible. That’s the problem with one size items, it’s very difficult to cater to everyone. However I do love them, and I really appreciate the non-slip nature as well!

The ‘Multi-Use Case’ is certainly cute, but I’m not really sure what to do with it! It’s a bit thin for a pencil case, and rather too big for credit cards. You could fit paper in it, but I think it’s something I’ll have to wait to discover a use for. I do like the design though, Rilakkuma  is gorgeous!

The last three items I’m not so sure about. The cake squishy is nice, great details, and would be fine for a bag charm or keychain. If it was the only small item it would be awesome.

But the pencil and eraser, cute though they are, feel like a tiny bit of an afterthought. It’s very nice to be introduced to a new character, and Sanrio is definitely a premium brand. But a pencil and eraser? They just seem a bit… small.

Value-wise, their items always come from Japan, so while it is sometimes possible to source them in the UK or Europe it can be tricky.

Having spent some time with Google, I can say that none of these things seem to be available in the UK or even in the West, so right now, at least, they all seem to be Japanese exclusive items. The Marumofubiyori line is certainly not available, or even being promoted, outside Japan.

So, while there may be what looks like a little bit of skimpiness here, you’re not going to be finding these in shops any time soon (unless you’re in Japan of course!). The exclusive nature of the items in this box certainly ups the value. I also realise they are slightly limited by the size of the box, and that pug takes up an awful lot of space! Besides, everything is cute, from great characters, and the room slippers especially are very handy to have around.


Our score: 8.2/ 10

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products7

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Rating: 3.5/5. From 32 votes.
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