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I was very excited to receive my HoneyTree box.

It came in a box that fit very easily through the letterbox, which is a good thing as I’m not always home!

Inside the box, I found a dotted tissue paper that enveloped the stationery and was sealed with a round sticker with a bee on the top! Very cute indeed!


The stationery consisted of:

– 2 cards with envelopes: 1 card had pumpkins on and the other had 2 aliens! I’ve already used the pumpkin one to write to a friend for Halloween! I like the fact that it is linked with what is happening in October.

– 1 card to say thank you. I think that this is very thoughtful, although I will need to think who to send it to. I really like the texture, it’s got quite a soft feel and the cardboard is quite thick and you can feel it’s of very good quality. It also has an envelope and this one has the same picture as what is on the card. It is autumn themed and is very beautiful!

young_honeytreepost_6– 2 post cards: I have to admit I find them a little too simple. I do like the dots but would have preferred less of them. I definitely prefer the thank you note and the 2 other cards but I will find friends to send them off to.

– 5 stickers with a little character on each: Vampire, 3 mice, 3 stars, a teddy in a boat and an harlequin. They are cute. I may decide to put them on my notebooks and write my name on them!

– 5 stickers with “This book belongs to” and with 3 mushrooms on each of them. I will definitely stick them on my books :)

– 5 sheets of paper with stars at the top and 5 envelops. The paper is of very good quality and it has lines on them, I like that as they are well spaced out and my writing is not very tidy so that will help me! The envelopes are white and also of very good quality.

young_honeytreepost_8– 1 sheet with stickers on it, circle-shaped. There are 20 stars, 1 star on each circle and 4 stickers with a bubble bee with a British flag on. Perfect on my laptop!

– An advertisement for more products was also placed in the box, below the nice tissue paper. It has a variety of products so I think that it’s nice to see.

Overall I like this box. In terms of the quality of the box, I can definitely say that everything seems to be of very good quality.

I think £15 for all this is very reasonable. If I need to find a downside, I could say that the 2 postcards might have gained from a little more creativity. But as for the rest, I really like everything!

The Stationery Lovers Club designed for children.

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£15 per month. Free UK shipping

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International Subscription:

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