World of Wizardry – May 2018

World of Wizardry – May 2018

World of Wizardry is a monthly box full of goodies from the Harry Potter world! It costs £19.99 per month.

Their box has changed! Looks like they’ve rebranded.

Yep, different menu leaflet design.

However the principle hasn’t changed! It lists the items and RRPs. Of course the items tend to be exclusive, but I’ve never found the prices unreasonable.

First, a Hogwarts House Lanyard (RRP £7.99). I’m registered to Gryffindor (of course!) but depending on your preference at tome of subscriving you’ll either receive your preferred house or a random selection if you don’t have a preference. The card inside is actually a sticker!

This is an Exclusive Sinister Scarf (RRP £11.99). It’s a thin lightweight polyester scarf, 180cm long, and has a pattern of creepy faces on it.

This Exclusive Sinister Cushion Cover (RRP 9.99) uses the same pattern as the scarf, and is printed on both sides.

This Wand (RRP £11.99) isn’t associated with any particular witch or wizard, but it’s got a great tactile handle, and has an iron core for stability. It’s really rather heavy too!

This month’s Print is Luna Lion (RRP 4.99). This shows her wearing the Gryffindor lion hat she made to show her support for the team at Quidditch matches.

The t-shirt (RRP £9.99) shows the famous snowy owl, Hedwig! I really like this design, but there’s one problem:

It’s polycotton! Huh.

Finally, this month’s recipe cards are for Spicy Love Potion and Cauldron Cupcakes. 

Well, again I’m not quite as excited by this box as previous boxes, mainly because I’m disappointed in the t-shirt. I absolutely love the design, I think it’s a lovely picture, but I really cannot bear polycotton. The first box I had contained polycotton shirts too, and I was pleased the two subsequent shirts were 100% cotton, so it’s a shame they’ve gone back to an inferior fabric. Really, polycotton is sweaty and unpleasant, especially as the weather is getting much warmer now. So please, cotton shirts only!

I like the sinister pattern on the scarf and cushion cover, though the material of the cover is a bit stiff and scratchy. More decorative than anything else.

The prints are always nice, though they’re not the kind of things I put on the wall. However they do make great gifts for friends’ Potter-obsessed kids!

The wand is really nicely made and painted, and it’s impressively weighty. The lanyard is great, those things are really handy for carrying keys, ID, whatever, and this is a safe breakaway design too.

Including recipe cards is a great fun idea, and these two are another fun addition to your Potter-themed cookbook.

Even if you don’t take the RRPs as completely accurate, the value is still excellent as the whole box is only £20!

Our score: 8.0/ 10

The selection of items is quite good overall, but no more polycotton shirts please!

  • Quality of products7
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products7

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